Cat Memorial: Kiki the Kitten

It was the day school was out. I went to my Grandma's house to play with my cousin Tomas. Later that day, we were walking around outside, when I came upon the cutest kitten I ever saw.

She was small and a puff ball. I tried to grab her but she hissed and swatted. I chased her into a corner. I yelled, "Tomas go bring me a towel."

He came back with a towel. I threw it over her. I picked her up and put her in a box outside. I picked her up, and she bit me. I took her inside and showed her to my grandparents. They said she was cute.

I called my mom and told her I found a kitten. She said, "Where was it?" I said "Outside." So after I was done talking to my mom I hung up, and got her some milk.

When my mom came I showed her the kitten and my mom thought she was cute. I asked her, "Can I keep her?" She said "I guess. You have to check with your dad."

So after I said my goodbyes we went home. Daddy came home that night and I asked him if I could keep her. He said yes. So I went to bed with her by my side. She fell asleep in a snap.

When we woke up she was meowing on top of me, hungry. I fed her some kitten milk I had from when there were kittens in my back yard. Anyway, I fed her and then took her potty.

That week she got comfortable. When she got lonely in the hallway and meowed, I said come here and she jogged-ran to me, then jumped up in my lap. When she was done with her bottle I would turn on my TV and put her on the floor while I stayed in my chair.

She meowed, looking at me, so I picked her up and put her on my stomach. She curled up into a ball and went to sleep purring.

On the week of my birthday she started throwing up. She was way too young to take to the vet. She was only 3 weeks old. The mother abandoned her because she was the runt.

Anyway, the day before my birthday, I had made a little warm house for her, and I found her, so weak. I tried not to panic. I did the same routine I always did in the morning.

So when she didn't eat, I ran and told my mom that something was wrong with Kiki. We went to my room. I took her out of her box and my mom said "O my goodness! Gab she dieing." I said "What?" and then I started crying.

We wrapped her up good and snug. So I went to my cousin's house to play and I told them what was wrong with my kitten.

So when my mom picked me up, I went to her first. She was sleeping. At night I told my dad. He said maybe it's her time. Agreed. My mom and I did a prayer in my room for Kiki.

That morning was my birthday. I woke up and went to my mom's room. I asked, "Where is she? Is she okay?" She said the worst news I ever heard. "She didn't make it," she said.

She was in my mom's room in a plastic tub. "What?" I asked, shaky. Then I started bawling like wild. I asked her where she was. My mom told me and I went over there.

I looked in and saw her wrapped up. I held her to my heart and said, "Rest in peace sweetheart." My mom told me that when she woke up, she went to my room to get her, and was getting the milk ready. When she walked in, she was taking her last breaths.

That evening we buried her near where I found her. I said a speech then put her in the hole. Ever since then I cry every night hoping to see her again in my dreams. She was a once in a life time.

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Aug 16, 2011
I'm very sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm very sorry to hear that Kiki didn't make it. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and thank you for taking her in and trying to save her. She would not have survived as long as she did without you and your care.

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