Cat Memorial: General Grant

by Lisamarie
(San Antonio, TX)

My 15-year old Siamese mix cat was just helped over the Rainbow Bridge today, just about an hour ago if that.

He had hyperthyroidism with complications, wasn't eating or drinking enough to get the weight put back on him; he was losing a pound about every 12 days.

His temp was very low, when I took him in thinking he was constipated, although there wasn't enough in his bowel to go.

Grant was born on 6/16/96 and was among the lady I worked for at the time's cat's first litter. He earned the name General Grant because before they were weaned, he and his brother would hide around the corner when her husband was in the bathroom and when he'd come out they'd sneak up on him, stand on their hind legs, and hiss at him, so he started calling Grant's brother General Lee. Since I adopted both of them Grant was his rival and housemate.

I lost Lee a few years ago. Grant was pretty much a "mama's boy" and didn't take too well to strangers coming over; when someone he didn't know came over he'd run off and hide.

He always had something to say when I came home and loved his "sleazies", be right up in my face and in my lap.

It sure does feel strange here and empty without him here, esp since I had him for so long, since he was 6 weeks old; never had a cat for as long as I had him, so it feels as though it will be a long time before I get used to not seeing him when I come home.

He is being cremated and his urn will have a special spot when it arrives.

SO sorry, Grant-I wish I could have done more for you! :(

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Oct 03, 2011
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm very sorry to hear about General Grant, Lisamarie. It sounds like he was a special cat. RIP little one.

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