Cat Memorial: BamBam from Redwood Falls

by Fran Cassidy
(Redwood Falls, MN)

My sweet BamBam, I will miss you for so many reasons. I will miss your gentleness and affection. You are the last cat who kept me company when I lived alone.

Before you, I had another Siamese named Baby, who with age and illness, needed to find relief so I sent her over the Rainbow Bridge.

Two years later, I had to do the same with your companion, Bubba. Losing those two was very difficult, but you filled the void for me and Bubba after we lost Baby.

Although there are two more cats to share my life with, I will never forget those who went before. I will treasure your ashes and keep them close forever.

I will miss your "nose kisses" when I held you; many nights I was awakened out of a sound sleep by the touch of your cold nose on my cheek. You would then gently paw my arm until I petted you, then curl up next to me and purr and fall asleep.

Some times I would awaken with you carrying a little white play mouse and emitting a mournful call as though you had been out hunting and were bringing your prize catch for me to see.

I wanted so desperately to have you with me longer. I took you to the vet and you seemed stronger for a brief time.

The evening before you died, I held you and told you how much I loved you. I so hope you understood. It was extremely painful to wake up the next morning and find you lying motionless on the cold floor.

Oh how I miss you and I always will. Now you can join both Baby and Bubba on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Boots seemed to understand that his friend was missing. He laid on your towels and would not leave for a time.

Bella will now take your place as the Siamese in my life, but she will never replace the love I have for you. I hope we will meet again. I love you!

Your devoted servant and caregiver,

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Feb 07, 2012
Loss of a Furry Child
by: Thom

Fran, very sorry for your loss. Having been there myself, it leaves some emptiness, but having another child does somewhat damper the pain. I LOVE Siamese! Thom

Feb 06, 2012
I'm very sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about BamBam, Fran. It sounds like BamBam was a very special cat. RIP little kitty.

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