Cat Attacks Bear!

by Kurt (Admin)

Video: house cat attacks bear!

This little cat is fierce and fearless and, despite being way undersized against his opponent, defends his territory, chasing the bear off.

Notice in the video how the cat puffs up and turns sideways in order to appear larger, then threatens with the pointy endz of the claws!

The bear was obviously on a scavenger hunt, and was eventually scared off by the cat.

This bear may have encountered cats before, and felt the sting of the pointy endz! The bear held his ground long enough to cautiously sneak over and grab the garbage bag for snacking later.

Watch on YouTube: Cat vs. Bear

In the contest of cat vs. bear, a cat wouldn't really have much chance if the bear got aggressive. It's a good thing the bear didn't realize that he could have easily killed the cat, because the cat doesn't appear to have gotten any help from anyone.

I'm glad the person behind the camera didn't end up filming the cat's demise. Do you think that maybe some anti-bear intruder procedures are in order at that place? Like um, not leaving those bags out there in the first place?

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