Blind cat poops on herself

by Brian
(Raleigh, NC)

For a couple months now, our cat has been pooping on herself while using the littler box. Naturally it sticks to her fur and starts to smell... for some reason, she doesn't clean herself.

The only possible change has been in the litter box itself. We went to one larger box instead of two smaller ones. The shape is more triangular instead of square.

She used it fine for the first week or two so I am hesitant to say that's the problem. Diet is normal. We've trimmed the hair back there, but not all that effectively.

She is 3.5 years old and is also blind if that makes a difference in your response. Oh, and it doesn't happen every time, so I am also not thinking parasite. Thanks!

My thoughts:

I'm sorry to hear that your kitty is having trouble, Brian. It's always troubling when a recent change has been made, since it's tempting to point to that.

I have no direct experience with a blind cat, but I would imagine that changes are even harder on her than they would be on a sighted cat.

One thought is that she might be having some trouble navigating the new box configuration.

The fact that it's not happening all time, however, might point to either a problem with intermittent constipation, or soft stool.

Do you notice that the consistency of her poop is different when she's having this problem?

If her poop is hard and pebble-like or has a lot of hair in it, she's likely constipated, possibly due to excess hair in the gut.

With some cats, too much hair can cause the poop to get stuck and it sometimes ends up on the back of the legs or butt area. If it's too soft, it can just sort of make a mess back there.

Some cats will have periods of alternating intermittent constipation and soft stool or diarrhea, with various causes at the root of the problem.

If she were my cat, I would call the vet and see if they can give you some guidance.

I hope that helps. Please let us know what happens with her situation.

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