Aubrey from Meridian

by Matt Japs
(Meridian, Idaho)

Here is a picture of my Aubrey. She is the kitty on the left of the photo.

Here is a picture of my Aubrey. She is the kitty on the left of the photo.

Princess Aubrey

This morning I buried my beautiful Daughter. I saw her lying in the road and went behind the office and called her and called her but she never came.

I went back to the place where she breathed her last breath and realized it was her. I picked up my little princess and wrapped her in a blanket and petted her and told her how sorry I was.

Wendy came over and we wrapped my little angel in soft blankets and we buried her in Wendy's backyard beneath a tree.

We buried her with her dinner plate so she would never miss kitty breakfast. Breakfast time was always her happiest time. She would follow me all over the backyard so patiently waiting for her breakfast.

She was so grateful for everything. She was a sweet innocent feral child.

She loved her sister Lucy so much. They did everything together. One day they will play again together at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest peacefully little princess. Daddy will always have your kitty breakfast waiting for you in his heart.

Aubrey's Daddy

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Jul 12, 2018
Miss Aubrey
by: Matt

Hello Little girl. It's hard to believe you have been gone for five years already. You are not forgotten. I think of you every morning as I put breakfast out for your family. I can still see you following me around the back yard saying good morning and so excited to see me. RIP little one

Jul 13, 2013
I'm sorry for your loss.
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about Aubrey, Matt. She sounds like a special kitty who was clearly loved. RIP little Aubrey.

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