Angel from San Marcos

by My Way Ranch
(San Marcos)

Who messed up the ribbon?  Not me.

Who messed up the ribbon? Not me.

One year ago today, Angel accidentally got out and a mean, evil person did something terrible (may the same fate greet him on judgement day).

Angel was a barn cat with a nasty disposition as a kitten. I was persistent. We finally became friends, and oh, what a friend she was! Her best buddy was Little Bit, now they're together again and I'm jealous. I miss them both so much.

When Angel was 2 yrs old, she saved my life, twice. The first time, the garden hose was caught around the wood pile. I reached down to grab it, Angel flew outta nowhere and grabbed a rattlesnake by it's head, a foot from my hand.

They tussled, Angel disappeared. Four days later, Dr Mike, the vet, was checking a mare in foal when Angel walked up. We realized she was sick so the doctor took her back to his clinic.

She was there 8 days total, critical for 6 days, IV's, oxygen, everything. Several days later, Angel was recovering at home, inside, when she ran up to me biting my feet and meowing loudly.

I followed her to the dog's water bowl and there was a coral snake (red touches yellow kills a fellow). Angel was never allowed outside after that.

I miss you, My Pretty Girl.

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Feb 20, 2015
by: Sharon Golden

I truly believe God sent this brave girl to save your life like you did for her. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge but believe you are very missed.

Feb 20, 2015
by: dee

I am sorry for the pain in your heart; I understand

Feb 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

What a great cat you had in Angel.

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