8 year old feline started to poop on the beds

by Lyn Sheppard

I have had my 2 cats, Chloe and Oscar, for 8 years now. They both used their litter trays early in their life, but then preferred to always go outside for the past almost 7-8 years.

They would always wake me if they needed to go out. But, in the past month or so the female, Chloe, has started to use her litter tray again, apart from 3 episodes where she has done it on the spare beds in both rooms.

Why would her behavior suddenly change? The litter is the same as always, no change, and placement of her tray is in the usual place.

I can't figure what could have caused the change in behavior. If anyone has any advice or experience with this problem on choosing beds only I would appreciate it. Thank you.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear Chloe is having problems. I always take major behavioral changes in any cat as a possible sign of a medical problem or emotional disturbance.

While it's possible she began using the litter box again as a simple change in preference, it could have been triggered by an experience she had outdoors. Perhaps another cat disturbed her.

On the other hand, I believe it's possible she started using the box indoors again because she's not feeling up to par. Add to that, the fact that she's used the beds, and I would begin to suspect a medical problem.

Almost every time I've heard from a reader whose cat pooped on the bed, it was either after a traumatic experience (e.g. disturbed by new visitors in the house), or some sort of medical issue (e.g. urinary tract or kidney problems).

I would consider consulting your veterinarian for guidance. I hope that helps, and I hope things improve quickly.

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