by Andrea
(Medina, New York, USA)

This is Violet's pretty face!

This is Violet's pretty face!

The year is 2018. Since 2015, I had gotten confirmation that the world was getting the long-awaited sequel to Disney/Pixar's "The Incredibles", which first came out in 2004 when I was 19. At the time I had seen The Incredibles 2 at a Drive-In theater on Father's Day.

Some food for thought had come up in my mind. I had thought that if we had lost any of our cats (we had three at the time), we would end up adopting a kitten (or cat, case depending), and, if the kitten was a female, I would name her Violet after Violet Parr, the oldest child of the Parrs in "The Incredibles".

Some months down the road in late September 2018, our cat Maggie was very sick, and my mother considered having her euthanized the next day, which did eventually happen. As if losing Maggie was bad enough, we had lost another cat, a Burmese cat named Linkin. The latter cat died the day before Thanksgiving in the US for those of you reading this who may be Canadian (and celebrate your Thanksgiving a month earlier) or are not American.

Around the Holiday season, my mother and I went to a local animal shelter to look for some candidates to fill the empty spots Maggie and Linkin left when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge. However, my mom said we wouldn't adopt a kitten or a cat until my dad came home from his job outside of the state.

Well, in mid December 2018, I had gotten an early Christmas surprise from my mom... while we were on our way to having lunch, she announced she had adopted not one, but TWO kittens. They were black all over, but one of the kittens had some gray speckle on her coat (until it faded away as she got older), and they also had little tufts of white hair on their bellies. They were also sisters!

So my mom stated she would let me name one of the kittens while my father would name the other one. After much name ideas and brainstorming, I had thought up the perfect name for one of the kittens thanks to seeing "The Incredibles 2" at the Drive In back in June 2018...and it was VIOLET!

So the name "Violet" stuck with one of the kittens. Her sister, on the other hand, was called Pepper by my father because of the pepper in a salt and pepper shaker on her coat.

It was definitely one of the best early Christmas gifts I would receive, if ever.

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