My little girl.... always look

by Chad Lumley
(victoria b.c. canada)



Very sad day today my little girl passed away, she jumped in the washer and we didn't find her till it was too late. She was such a great cat we both loved her so so much and anyone who knows us knows that they're our kids... (very sad day) but I'm finding out that this happens all of the time.

The vet said it is one of the

......most common ways for cats to die in the home....

05/24/2010...... I'm trying to get this out there for all to see so you never have to go through what we are. We have lost our babies before but not like this...

if this saves one cat out there, it will let my little girl live on, my baby will always be in our hearts and will be missed so so very much...

please look and slow down life is too short not to be safe.....

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Jul 23, 2011
by: Elizabeth

I too have experienced the loss of a cat to the clothes machine. When I was very young I lost a kitten, a deaf/mute, to our dryer... it was horrible. I now look every time I use the washer or dryer and always tell my friends. *hugs in sympathy*

Jul 04, 2011
No words
by: Siamesecat

I am at a loss for words. Although I too have experienced great loss in my life, I can't imagine the emptiness at the untimely, tragic loss of Scrapy. I am so sorry that you and your family must endure this sorrow. Thank you for sharing your story so that many will be saved in the name of Scrapy. I can only hope you continue to educate people about household appliances and the safety of our four legged loved ones.

Jul 14, 2010
Beautiful Scrapy
by: Jan

So sad for your loss and happy that Scrapy is helping to save lives of other curious kitties !

May 27, 2010
little one
by: Louise

I am so sorry for your loss. Cats do become a part of the family and especially if there are no children around they do become our kids, HOPE you can find another one not to take her place but to ease your sorrow.

May 26, 2010
My whole household is feeling much sorrow 4u
by: @tombshopmom

@catloversonly OMG>My whole household is feeling much sorrow 4u & ur family right now. I'm so sorry for ur loss.Oh,wow. #pawcircle for you.

From Twitter posted here by Kurt (Admin) on behalf of @tombshopmom

May 26, 2010
I am so sorry
by: @hrakane

@catloversonly I am so sorry for your tragedy

From Twitter posted here by Kurt (Admin) on behalf of @hrakane

May 26, 2010
I'm very sorry
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm so very sorry to hear about Scrapy, Chad. It's a horrible tragedy, one I hope that your posting this here can help others to avoid.

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