Breed name please?

by Linda
(Medford, NJ)

I volunteer at a local orphanage and I came across a beautiful young cat. He is buff color all over except for his ears, paws and tail. Does anyone know what breed he is?

He is just delightful. Full of energy, very affectionate, just adorable. Anybody????? Kind of reminds me of some kind of Siamese? Not sure.

Editor's note: I think it would help, Linda, if you could upload a picture so we can see him. If he's got a "pointed" coat (darker on ears, head, face, paws and tail - all the "cold" spots), then he's probably got some Siamese in his heritage.

Tonkinese cats can look very similar to Siamese as well, but the only sure way to know a cat's breed is to have papers from a breeder.

Does he look anything like this...?? Or is his face not dark?

Siamese cat with catnip hangover



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Pointed colored cats
by: Rebecca Warren

If your cat looks like the seal point pictured then he could be one of many breeds. The point color pattern is a part of many breeds both who have long hair or short hair. The point pattern is only a color pattern and there are many color patterns that cats can have.

It is impossible to determine the breed of a cat based on its color or pattern. I think that the Persian group cats may have the widest number of colors and patterns. Go to CFA's website and look at all the possible colors and patterns in combination that a cat can have.

There are also colors and patterns that only come in the Domestic cat breed that most purebreds can not have especially with the eye color combination. There are also some newer breeds that have very rare colors and patterns exclusive to only their breed like grizzled coloring.

The only way to determine what breed your cat is out of is took look at its registration papers. If your cat does not have registration papers then it can only be called a mixed breed or a Domestic. You can always go to a cat show and look to see it you see a breed there that looks like your kitty and be satisfied with that.

It is possible that your kitty could be a non-registered purebred or purebred mix but again there is no way to know without its registration papers. Sometimes some people can trace where the cat came from and then find out if the kitty came from a breeder or some other source who may know the kitties origin.

I do recommend that you do not buy your kitty from a pet store. Pet stores buy only from puppy/kitty mills and we all know what a bad reputation that these places have. The best two places to get your pets from are shelters and breeders.

Breed name
by: Tammy Booker

He looks like a cross between a Siamese and a Himalayan.

Your Cat Breed
by: Tanya

He looks like a Siamese mix.

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