My Lazy Peanut

by Michaela

I have a Classic Brown Tabby Mix and his name is Peanut. I gave Peanut some catnip one day. Maybe even a little too much.

When I gave him the catnip, he ate it, all of it! He was fine until he fell asleep. Since he sleeps often, I didn't see to him any different than usual.

When he had been sleeping for 3 hours while I was talking next to him, I started to worry. I said his name a few times, no answer. Then I laid an oven mit on his belly, no answer. I played with his tail some, no answer.

At this time I was really scared. I looked around the room for anything loud and found an old Christmas bell. I rang it by his ear and he jumped 5 feet in the air! Apparently, he was drunk on catnip.

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Too much catnip will do that
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Maybe he needs catnip anonymous. Thanks for sharing Michaela!

too much of nip will do it to anyone! he he!
by: Anonymous

Well sounds like he was wasted pretty good 'an bell really told for him. huh!

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