Affectionate Cat Breeds

Here are 8 affectionate cat breeds that will reward you with love and attention. Be warned that since these are people oriented cats, they will normally need a lot of attention.

Attention comes at a price. These cats will, more than likely, train you to do exactly what they want you to do. All the while, of course, you'll think it's your idea to play fetch, or to lounge on the couch together while you pet your feline friend.

Not all of these breeds are lap cats, and not all will follow you around the house, but each one is a very people oriented cat. Each one of these amazing breeds will show their affection for you in their own way. Of course, personalities vary from cat to cat within the breeds, but the breed profiles of these kitties are often close to the mark.

In no particular order, here are the most affectionate cat breeds...

Siamese seal point cat face

Siamese - One of the oldest breeds, Siamese are extremely people oriented. They're very vocal, love to play games and can be very mischievous. They also love attention and will be your lap cat (when they're not sneaking up on you) and your sleeping companion.

I once went to a client's house to repair their computer and it turned out that the owner of the house was a former Siamese breeder. I was there for probably an hour, and her Siamese refused to leave me alone for the entire time I was there. She was very cool.

Tonkinese - Tonks, as they are called have similar traits to their Siamese ancestors. They are smart and playful. They will make up games, follow you around, greet people at the door, and also act as lap cats. I would love to have a Tonk and a Siamese together.

Norwegian Forest Cat - This is one of the most people-oriented cat breeds. Surprisingly very little grooming is needed to keep the Norwegian's long coat in good shape.

Ragdoll - The ultimate lap cat and a very large breed. They're very gentle, dislike conflict, and will generally prefer to be wherever you are. If you'd like a door greeter and sleeping companion, this is a good choice.

Persian - Or is it purr-sian? The number one breed in terms of popularity according to the CFA, Persians are very gentle and loving cats. Their long coats need lots of attention, and so do they.

Egyptian Mau - The only natural spotted domestic cat breed, and perhaps the oldest breed of all, Maus are extremely loyal and family oriented.

Abyssinian - Although speculation surrounds their origin, this is one of the oldest cat breeds. They are not lap cats, but they are very loyal, people oriented cats. They will often follow you around the house and attempt to assist you with your daily chores.

Singapura - The Singapura is a small breed. They are playful, intelligent, and love to help their human with their activities.

So, there you have my top list of affectionate cat breeds. Does every Siamese act the same way? Every Mau? Ragdoll? No, of course not.

After all, they wouldn't be cats if they weren't individuals. Be sure to choose carefully both among the different cat breeds and the particular breeder you use.

Do you have to get one of these breeds in order to get a people-oriented cat? No. Another way to get an affectionate cat is to go to several shelters and handle the cats.

See which ones greet you and let them choose you. That has worked very well for many people, myself included.

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