The LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box

The LitterMaid automatic litter box comes in two sizes and several different models. There are also a number of accessories, including different types of covers. Used by millions of cats, this is one of the oldest self cleaning litter box models.

LitterMaid products are marketed by Applica Consumer Products, which also distributes such products as Black & Decker Spacemaker coffee machines, and the Infrawave Speed Oven.

If you haven't done so already, you might want to look at my introductory page on the concept of the automatic litter box.

LitterMaid Litter Boxes: How They Work

All self-cleaning boxes are designed to ease the burden of scooping litter, and to reduce odors. The LitterMaid automatic litter box does this using a rake mechanism that automatically scoops the clumps of soiled litter into a sealed, disposable receptacle. A carbon filter cuts down on odor even further.

After the cat uses the box, a sensor starts a timer for the cleaning cycle as the cat exits. After 10 minutes, the unit begins the cleaning cycle.

If the cat returns to (or another cat enters) the box within the 10 minutes, the timer will automatically reset and delay the beginning of the cleaning cycle for an another 10 minutes. As a safety measure, the sensor will prevent the start of a cleaning cycle while a cat is in the box.

For cats that like to use a clean box every time, or for multi-cat households, this type of device can be a great idea. It can also help with preventing disease transmission, which can be of concern to those with compromised immune systems, or pregnant women worried about toxoplasmosis.

Litter Types

High quality litter is required for automated boxes, since it's important that the litter clump properly. LitterMaid recommends that you use one of the following premium clumping cat litters:

  • LitterMaid Premium Clumping Cat Litter
  • World's Best Cat Litter
  • Arm & Hammer Super Scoop
  • Fresh Step Scoopable
  • Ever Clean Scoop Away

You can't use non-clumping litter of any kind, or crystal or pearl-type litter with these boxes.

Box Size: Which Model to Buy?

There are several models and two different sizes of boxes that LitterMaid has available. The LitterMaid Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Model Number LM900) has a 14" x 17" litter area. It is recommended for larger cats and multi-cat households where more than one cat might use the box between rakings.

The other LitterMaid models are the Elite Mega (Model Number LME9250) and the Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Basic (Model Number: LM500) and are 14" x 14" for the litter area.

Many cats really do need lots of room to move, so I would go with the larger size (I have pretty much always used large/extra large boxes for adult cats).

In fact, in my experience, "14 x "14 isn't big enough for many adult cats to comfortably use the box.

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