Housecat Housecall

Housecat Housecall is a television show on the Animal Planet channel. Celebrity veterinarian Dr. Katrina Warren visits homes and counsels cat owners on how to solve cat behavior problems.

She also provides tips on better cat care, house cat training, and cat health.

Sometimes, if your cat has a behavior problem, it can seem impossible to solve.

It's often difficult to find the true source of the issue, which may be the key to solving the problem!

Many cat behavior problems can be solved with the right information and retraining. That retraining often applies to both you and your cat. But what if you could get some personal one on two (you and your cat) coaching from an expert?

Now you can. Not only that, you can have a celebrity veterinarian visit your home and work with you and your cat. You might even end up on TV.

As if we haven't had enough of reality shows, along comes a new reality TV show for you and your cat. Yes, Housecat Housecall is coming to a television set near you.

But if you want to be one of the lucky ones who gets to show off your cat on TV, and have a personal, in-home consultation, you'd better hurry. As I write this, the clock is ticking and applications have to be in by November 15, 2007 for this run of the show.

You can submit your application online, which needs to include photos of not only you and your cat, but also your family, any other pets, and your home. Applications will be received and reviewed by a third party production company.

With the help of the show's mentors, Dr. Karen Sueda and Dr. Rich Goldstein, veterinarian ("as seen on Australian TV") Dr. Katrina Warren is the celebrity vet doing the consultations for the show. For the chosen cat owners, she acts as a cat behaviorist/pet psychologist and develops a plan to fix the issues.

Before you proceed, you'd better get your cat's approval as you'll want to make sure that your cat will be OK with having his or her personality quirks shown to the world on a show. In order to be eligible to fill out a "Casting Application" you must be of legal age, have every right to contract in your own name and reside in the 48 contiguous United States. See the show's website for full details and to complete your application.

Update: I don't see the application on the show's website anymore, but I might be missing it. If you're interested, I would perhaps try the Animal Planet website as well.

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