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All We Need Is Cat

All We Need Is Cat

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Cat lovers speak many languages, and kitties can learn any of them. Mostly, though, the beautiful felines posted here speak the universal language of love. They'll draw you in and make you say "awww."

Bengal Cat World

Spot from Bengal Cat World

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Meet Sunspot (Spot), a Brown Spotted Bengal who enjoys feathers a la Da Bird (hey, who doesn't?) and authoring the Bengal Cat World FB page and website.

Spot lives with his sister, Lulabelle, and three other non-Bengal cats... Friday, Harry and Robbie. The Facebook page allows you to get a good weekly dose of cute pictures of these cats as well as other felines.

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

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Have you ever had a "Soul Kitty?"

Once upon a time, freelance writer and pet blogger Caren Gittleman had a cat named Bobo. "Baby Bobo" went to Rainbow Bridge in 2007, the day after his 18th birthday.

She calls Bobo her "Soul Kitty" - that special pet that you're so connected to that you just had to find each other. Well, that's my definition, anyway.

Dedicated to her first cat, Bobo, and written with the help of her current feline partner in crime, Cody, Cat Chat has clawed its way to popularity in the Cat Blogosphere.

Posts range from the cute to the redonkulous, from the funny to the useful, and include topics such as pet products, book reviews, and pet giveaways. Caren often uses the reach of her blog to help shelters and rescues get the word out and get more cats adopted.

Note: I suspect that Cody plans and writes everything, and Caren is basically just his editor, but I could be wrong.


Catladyland logo

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Cats provide an enormous amount of entertainment for their human servants, evoking a broad range of reactions from mild smiles to laugh-out-loud-fests.

If our feline friends ever get opposable thumbs and implement their plan for world domination, they may take their revenge on us for this... in the meantime, Angie Bailey fuels the fire via Catladyland.

Catladyland (not to be confused with the album Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix) and it's author have won a number of awards. These include both Pettie Awards and the Muse Medallion from the Cat Writers' Association, as well as being a nominee for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Media Awards.

Cats the Boss

Cats the Boss Jessie

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The aptly named Cats the Boss features posts from Jessie Cat (a female tortoiseshell), and her human assistant, Gina.

Topics include cat care, "how-to's" and fun stuff, with a "Keep It Short and Simple" (K.I.S.S) policy. Posts are often fun and may feature LOLcat photos.

Wave your paws in the air if you believe cats are the boss!

Cattabulous Cats

Cattabulous Cats

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Are you looking for amazing pictures of cats? Cattabulous Cats has plenty to share and invites you to share your own photos as well.

Cat Wisdom 101

Cat Wisdom 101

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Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Layla Morgan Wilde is a blogger and a member of the Cat Writers' Association, as well an award winning photographer.

She is a life coach specializing in cat lovers (imagine that!), and is a holistic cat behaviorist.

Layla runs an award winning blog, Cat Wisdom 101. Her photography can be seen throughout her site, including pictures of her own kitties, and adds depth to her posts.

Posts include the obligatory ridiculous cat pictures, as well as vet advice, product reviews and contests and giveaways.

Da Bengal Boyz

Da Bengal Boyz

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These cats describe themselves as... "We are Da Bengal Boyz. We are not a band. We don't sing. We like tuna. Thank you."

That pretty much sums it up, I think!

Fun loving Bengal kitties doing what Bengal kitties do... likely, getting into as much trouble as possible, but in a cute way.

Feline Funnies

Feline Funnies

Click the Like button above to "Like" Feline Funnies on FB.

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Keep on top of the exploits of Benjamin Bunny and Gracie, two cats hard at work teaching their humans things like what it sounds like when a cat growls, and how cats can be incredibly reliable alarm clocks.

Cleverly written and entertaining, Feline Funnies offers a humorous look at many of those "aha" moments that cat owners go through.

GLOGIRLY - Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl

Glogirly and Katie

Click the Like button above to "Like" Glogirly's FB page.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Experience life from a cat's point of view.

Katie the tuxedo cat and Glogirly (the human girl) offer up furious (or rather furriness) feline fun and excitement in the cat blogosphere.

Katie cat has some cute videos, too, including this one below about "The Real Housecats of the Blogosphere." The "Cat Blogosphere," of course.

The Real Housecats of the Blogosphere video
Click the image directly above to launch the video.

I Have Cat

Petie from I Have Cat

Click the Like button above to "Like" I Have Cat on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

There are some, ahem, who say that living with a cat is some sort of a hindrance to your love life (gasp!), an impediment to dating, or perhaps your life in general. Blasphemy! Let me sheath my claws...

I've even heard so-called relationship experts tell people (mostly women) not to adopt a cat until they "land a man." I say it's absolute nonsense. Strangely enough, many of these experts can't seem to maintain a successful relationship.

Well, Tamar Arslanian is out to prove that these people are full of hot hair balls, as she proudly proclaims that "she has cat." Readers get a peek inside her life and her thoughts and along the way are exposed to lots of feline goodness.

Paws and Effect

Paws and Effect - Thomas and Siouxsie

Click the Like button above to "Like" Paws and Effect on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Written by two cats, Siouxsie Mew and Thomas T. Bombadil, Paws and Effect is a weekly online advice column for "cats and their people."

These kitties, who sometimes let their human mama, JaneA Kelley, contribute as well, are on a mission to educate people about cat health and behavior issues.

They post questions and answers from readers on their blog... basically, it's feline-style reader mail.

Facebook posts often contain thought provoking commentary and/or links to interesting articles.

Paws for Reflection

Paws for Reflection

Click the Like button above to "Like" Paws for Reflection on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Paws for Reflection is written by BJ Bangs, a writer, photographer and cat welfare advocate, who also writes a cats column for examiner.com. Paws for Reflection features posts on a variety of cat related topics, mixing it up with the cute and the beautiful, and alternating between the funny and the serious.

Riverfront Cats

Riverfront Cats

Click the Like button above to "Like" Riverfront Cats on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Riverfront Cats is a nonprofit organization based in Miami, FL, focused on the welfare of cats. Founded by blogger, writer, feral cat expert and "cat woman" Christine Michaels, they attack the homeless cat problem through education, rescue and adoption, and Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) of feral cats.

Sparkle the Designer Cat

Sparkle the Designer Cat

Click the Like button above to "Like" Sparkle the Designer Cat on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Sparkle the Designer Cat is, among other things, an advice columnist, or as she puts it, a "Dear Abby with claws." Sparkle offers advice on how humans can better understand their cats (a calling all feline lovers can get behind).

As an award winning author, Sparkle has penned a couple of books. Dear Sparkle: Advice From One Cat to Another (her first book) won in the Wild Card Category at the Hollywood Book Festival.

As a side note, I believe every book festival should have an "authored by cats" category, don't you think? That way, it's more of an even playing field.

But I digress...

In addition to advice columnist and author, Sparkle wears many hats, which is funny, since most cats HATE wearing hats! As a "feline supermodel," she's got cat style (has your cat ever done a calendar shoot?), and she entertains her thousands of fans by publishing an online diary on her website.

With striking Somali looks, amazing insight into, well... being a cat, and a publishing pedigree, Sparkle is one cool cat to check out!

Tails from the Foster Kittens

Jack from Tails from the Foster Kittens

Click the Like button above to "Like" Tails from the Foster Kittens on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Connie Stevens has fostered hundreds of cats. In case you don't know, fostering is a LOT of work and takes enormous compassion, effort, and money (unless you can get sponsoring).

You also have to be able to let go emotionally as it's easy to get attached, but hard to turn the kitten over to a new owner when the time comes.

Posts include lots of "squee" (sometimes labeled as such) and as you can imagine, stories and updates on plenty of kittens, foster or otherwise.

The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady

The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady

Click the Like button above to "Like" The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Stephanie Newman believes that cats are furry members of the family. Can you believe there are people who feel otherwise?

Stephanie is a freelance writer who is owned by three cats... Ateret, Livia, and Abbi. In addition to her blog, she writes for examiner.com and is a contributor to Catster, as well as a professional member of the Cat Writers' Association.

Post topics include adoptable cats and rescue stories, and of course, the antics of her cats. Sometimes you'll get to spy on her feline friends as they mix it up with toys, or ahem, get into mischief. Other times, it's silly pictures. You may also meet some interesting rescue kitties that need extra shout outs in order to find homes.

Some posts are written from a cat's point of view ("our tree is shedding"). Which cat? Well, you'll just have to pounce on her Facebook page to find out!

We Love Cats and Kittens

We Love Cats and Kittens

Click the Like button above to "Like" We Love Cats and Kittens on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Looking for another place online to show off your love for your pet?

Or, just want to sit back and let the feline goodness in your News Feed wash over you? This is the place!

Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection

Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection

Click the Like button above to "Like" Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection on FB.

Click here to download a larger image for sharing.

Would you like to add more beautifully done photos of gorgeous cats to your news feed? Are you interested in posts on giveaways and product reviews, contest announcements and rescues?

Then Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection is the place. It probably doesn't hurt that author Deb Barnes has "photographer Dan" on call to take pictures of their eight cats (8 - wow!).

It also helps, I'm sure, that they have some of the most beautiful cats around. Come on... Maine Coon, Bengal, and Ragdoll all in the same house? You're kidding, right?

Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection blog won the 2012 Pettie Award for "Best Designed Blog," but it's the photographs of these beautiful animals that really draws me in.

By the way, you can read about Deb's kitties and their feline love affair in her book, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey - A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary. In the meantime, pop on over to their Facebook page and say hello, er, um.... meow!

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