Why A Cat Drinking Fountain?

A cat drinking fountain is a great way to provide your kitty with constant access to clean, fresh water. And, you may be able to get your cat to drink more water in the bargain.

Many cat health experts say that you should encourage your cat to drink water. Why? Quite simply, most cats don't drink enough.

This leads to what some experts say is chronic dehydration, which may contribute to chronic renal failure (CRF) that many cats experience later in life. This is especially true, says Dr. Lisa Pierson, of cats who are fed dry food.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet FountainDrinkwell pet fountains are some of the more well-known.

Dr. Mike Karg, DVM of Frederick Cat Vet in Frederick, MD, says that cats perceive running water as being fresher than still water.

When water bowls alone won't encourage your cat to drink more water, providing moving water may help encourage your cat to drink her fill.

Many cats -- maybe yours -- do seem to prefer running water, and have a good time at the sink, playing and pawing at the the magical liquid that comes out of the faucet.

And then, there's Woody, king of the cat shower. It looks like Max is a fan of Woody and his video, and is reaching out with his mitted paws to make friends (or start a cat fight!).

Since your cat is probably not like Woody in that respect, you might want to set up a drinking fountain with running water.

The downside to these products is the cleaning aspect, so you'll want to check the reviews from other cat owners so you know what you're in for.

Amazon has a few reviews of the Drinkwell and others.

In addition, our previously mentioned cat vet, Dr. Karg says that some cats may be allergic to plastic, and will develop a chin rash from using a commercial cat drinking fountain.

Instead, you can use a ceramic bowl, some rocks, and an aquarium pump, which Dr. Karg keeps on hand.

This provides a unique drinking bowl for your cat, along with the moving water kitties crave.

In addition, there are commercially available pet drinking fountains of various capacities that are made from ceramic and stainless steel.

Some of them hold quite a bit of water and are therefore good for multi-pet households.

Unlike plastic, which can retain bacteria as it ages and often gets a slimy film build up, either of these materials should resist bacteria build up, be relatively easy to clean, and they're stylish as well.

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