Best Dry Cat Food Poll

Take our best dry cat food poll and help your fellow cat lovers by letting us know which products are the cat's meow. If you don't feed dry, then please choose that option.

We'll share the results of the poll, and it'll be interesting to see which of the brands are the most popular. Enter your information below.

Best Dry Cat Fool Poll

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I don't feed dry food
9 Lives
Blue Buffalo
By Nature Organics
Fancy Feast
Hill's or Science Diet
Meow Mix
Natural Balance Ultra Premium
Nutro Max Cat
Nutro Natural Choice
Purina One
Purina Cat Chow
Royal Canin
Special Kitty
The Goodlife Recipe
Wellness Core

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Poll Results

3 9 Lives
2 Authority
2 Avoderm
16 Blue Buffalo
1 By Nature Organics
3 Eukanuba
3 Friskies
1 Halo
12 Hill's or Science Diet
13 Iams
6 Meow Mix
1 Natural Balance Ultra Premium
4 Nutro Max Cat
1 Nutro Natural Choice
8 Orijen
7 Purina Cat Chow
11 Purina One
10 Royal Canin
1 The Goodlife Recipe
11 Wellness Core
1 Whiskas
1 Wysong

12 I don't feed dry food

Reader Suggestions:

Holistic Select by Eagle
Purina One Beyond
Vet's Choice Health Extension
Wellness Complete

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