16 Cats Who Love to Hang Out in the Bathroom Sink

Very much like boxes, sinks are excellent cat magnets, creating a porcelain paradise for our furry friends. This prompts us to ask... why? I don't know for sure, of course, but I can guess that it's a good place to cool down.

Also, it probably feels safe as it cradles them, and it's up off the ground, so they can get a good vantage point. Many cat lovers say their cats prefer running water, and for those cats, it's also a popular drinking spot.

In any case, for your viewing pleasure, here are 16 cats in sinks, or as I like to call it, the porcelain hammock.

Orange tabby in the sink

~Tamela Sapp McKenzie

Max hogging the sink

Max hogging the sink!

~Jean Pierre Lamperein

Little Man McWhiskers in the sink

Little Man McWhiskers

~Sandy Steffenhagen

Padfoot the tabby in the sink

Padfoot just chilling in the bathroom sink.

~Judy Mitchell

Razzy Rene in the sink

This is my Razzy Rene.

~Christina Jester

Sir Chubs the grey in the sink

Sir Chubs!

~Lisa Dunning

Belle in the sink

(Above) My Belle gets comfy!

(Below) My Cinder!

~Sithiraporn Prommar

Cinder in the sink

Chloe in the sink


~Debbie Oleary

Max from Malta

Max... Greetings from Malta.

~Aquilina Ray

Too much catnip

Oh, man... I did too much catnip last night.

~Kirk Irthum

Kitty in the sink

~Tahlia Lesley

Ziggy the ginger and white in the sink

A little tight for my 18 lb. Ziggy, but he manages!

~Hillary Mordecai

Loki the tabby in the sink

Loki just hanging out.

~Kayla Fredrickson

Tyler in the sink

This is my baby boy Tyler! He has always loved laying in bathroom sinks.

~Mehaley Blanton-Wampler

Tabby in the sink

She loves it!!!

~Lisa van der Eems

Do you have a favorite? Which one?

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