23 Cats Who Love Boxes

What is it about cats and boxes? It's the ultimate cat magnet, as reliable as a can opener, but with a longer lasting effect.

On the flip side, we humans seem to be almost as fascinated with our felines' fascination with boxes as the cats themselves are with these simple cardboard devices.

In honor of these magical cat traps, here are 23 cats who love boxes and look great in them.

Maya in the box

"Of all the expensive cat things my daddy bought me, this is my favourite..."

~Christoffer Holmqvist

Max in boxes

"Max in his natural habitat."

~Jean Pierre Lamperein

Cinder in the box

(Above) "My Cinder in the box."

(Below) "My Belle loves to get in the box!"

~Sithiraporn Prommar

Belle in a shoe box

Bonus Belle...

Belle in a root beer box

I think Belle has a future as a spokes model for a beverage company, don't you?

Santa's helpers

~Suzanne Thunstedt

Jack in a box

"My Jack in a box."

~Erin Toepfner

Sometimes, humans are so enthralled with their cats' love of the box that they go to extremes to accommodate their cats. Boxes take over the living room. Non-cat lovers can do nothing but observe and shake their heads, never comprehending the joy it brings us to see a kitty happy.

Bo and Indi in the comfy box

"Our Bo and Indi loved this box so much we put a throw in it to make it more comfortable!"

~Caroline Berry

Malakai in the box

"Malakai loves this box!!"

~Victoria Vinson

Do you think Malakai is disappointed that there's no chicken in that box?

Siamese cats in a box

"My Lynx Point Siamese kittens- Love in a Box!"

~Lupe H. Gutierrez

Yenco in a big box

Huge box, little kitty! That's my Yenco!

~Hillary Mordecai

Tabby in a box bed

"Mine has a bed and a box."

~Foziana Nisha

Exotic kitten in a box

My Exotic kitten in a box!

~Rupika Kop

Orange tabby kitten in a plastic box

~Elmid Banjar

PeiWie in his condo

(Above) "PeiWie in his condo!"

(Below) "Clipper in the box!"

~Clarisse Peteza May

Clipper in a box

Zoey in a box

"My Zoey relaxing in her box!"

~Sharron Gregg

Chilly in a box

"Chilly loves boxes."

~Ruth Bailey-Warboys

If it fits, I sits, and sometimes, even if the box is too small, I sits anyway.

If it fits I sits

~Timothy John Bidleman

Sherbert in a box

"...my little 'Sherbert' loves a box!!"

~Caroline Hill

Orange tabby sleeping in a box

"Loves to sleep inside a box."

~Amit Sen

Do you have a favorite? Which one?

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