Cat Health Insurance Companies

Cat health insurance is an increasingly popular purchasing decision for pet owners.

As veterinary care costs rise, cat owners (and dog owners as well) are more and more looking into alternatives to the increasingly high cost of pet medical care. One of those options is to buy an insurance policy.

Here are a number of companies that offer plans in different countries. We'll also look at some self-insuring options as well.

Cat Health Insurance: US Companies

These companies offer pet insurance to customers in the US. We've already covered some top companies that offer plans to US residents here.

These include:

Veterinary Pet Insurance which offers two major medical plans

Embrace Pet Insurance which offers highly customizable plans including coverage for pet medication

Quick Care Pet Insurance which offers flexible plans with varying levels of coverage and deductibles

Cat Health Insurance: UK Companies

These companies offer pet insurance to customers in the UK:

More Than

More Than pet insurance will cover older cats, and coverage includes alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy. Their policies also include advertising and reward money if your pet gets lost, boarding fees if you are hospitalized, and bereavement counseling should you need it. More Than gives you a Personal Customer Manager to work with by phone or email.

Pet Protect

Pet Protect has been offering pet insurance in the UK since 1983. One of the ways they differentiate themselves from other companies is that all of their policies are lifelong. This means that as long as you renew your policy, they will keep paying for treatment up to the benefit amount each year.

With other companies, you might run out of benefits at the end of 12 months, or when the financial limit was reached. This makes this type of policy good for chronic or catastrophic conditions. The also pay 50 percent for vet prescribed diets (not weight loss related).

Alternatives to Buying Cat Health Insurance

While buying a full-featured policy is a good financial move in many cases, there are alternatives. Here are some possible alternatives to buying full-featured insurance policies.

Become Self-Insured

There are two ways you can cut down on your insurance policy costs and still pay for your cat's medical expenses. The first method is to become fully self-insured where you cover the whole cost of your cat's health care yourself. The second is to buy a cheap policy that covers part of the cost, cover the rest of the cost yourself.

  1. Set up a savings and investment plan to pay for vet bills. Get a low interest rate credit card and hold on to it for emergency use. If you encounter unexpected veterinary care costs, you can use the credit card to pay for it, and use your income or equity from your investment plan to pay off the card. This will cover at least some of the bills.
  2. Buy a lower cost policy and use a low interest rate credit card for emergencies. Instead of buying a full-featured policy that would be more expensive, buy a cheap policy that offers lower coverage. Use the credit card to make up the difference in the cat insurance coverage when needed.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace is the only company offering pet insurance that you can totally customize. You can essentially piece together a policy that suits your needs, and pay more or less depending upon the options you choose. Chronic care coverage, dental, and prescription drug coverage are all available through Embrace.

Pet Assure

Pet Assure is not insurance, but a discount plan for cat health care. Participating veterinarians give you a discount right at the time of service, so there are no forms to fill out or waiting for claims.

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