A Home Remedy For Cat Constipation Problems

Cat constipation problems may have many of the same causes as human constipation. These may include stress, poor diet, inadequate exercise, and holding it when kitty has to go.

That's according to Dr. John Heinerman's book, Low Cost Natural Cures for Your Dog and Cat. Don't forget too, that cat health experts tell us that many cats suffer from chronic dehydration. Combine that with hairballs, and your kitty can get some pretty clogged up plumbing.

Orange tabby

No matter the cause, Dr. Heinerman has a simple natural laxative suggestion for cat constipation.

Your veterinarian may prescribe more traditional methods for dealing with a constipated kitty, including hairball remedy food, mineral oil based laxatives, and lactulose.

In contrast, Dr. Heinerman recommends olive oil as a natural alternative. One-half teaspoon of olive oil, twice a day, mixed in with your cat's food, will stimulate the colon and loosen impacted fecal material, says Heinerman.

Other natural remedies for this all too common problem include one-half teaspoon of powdered psyllium seed mixed into your cat's food twice per day. Heinerman also recommends fresh or dried fruits, such as figs, dates, prunes, bananas, and berries.

Another recommendation is wheat or barley grass, mixing one-half teaspoon with every feeding. You can grow these grasses for your cat to chew on as well.

Before feeding any food or plant matter to your cat, check a reliable source for poison information. Many people are surprised to learn that grapes and raisins are poisonous to cats, as are varieties of lily.

Encouraging your cat to drink more water is always beneficial, of course, and there are a number of pet fountain products on the market that can help with that.

If your cat experiences problems defecating, or seems to be having discomfort while doing so, your veterinarian should be involved. Bowel obstruction is highly dangerous and may require surgery. Only a qualified vet can diagnose and treat it.

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