Cat is angry because a stray cat gave birth in our house

by Marcey
(Check, VA)

I know my old female cat, Banquo is angry because a stray cat came and gave birth in our house--we make sure the new cat never crosses paths with Banquo, but she is aware that she and the kittens exist.

Banquo has a cat door that leads to a beautiful meadow. She always has food and water inside, and has full access to my daughter's room-bed, perches--whatever she wants.

She started peeing on my daughter's bed regularly, and now, upon my daughter's return after having gone to visit friends for the week, Banquo is taking sarcastic, screw you dumps right on the floor in front of anyone who is in the room.

She is angry, vindictive and a real little poop. What do we do to control her nasty and spiteful ways? This is a really loved and respected cat--but we can't keep sleeping and living in her angry pee and poo. Any ideas?

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