My older male cat is licking my female baby kitty

by Nancy
(Granger, Indiana)

I have a male neutered cat not quite a year old. I have gotten a female kitten, she is 9 weeks old. He play bites her, never hurts her.

Now he has started to lick her, especially on her bottom/anus. I find this odd. Is this normal?

Editor's note: It sounds to me, Nancy, like he's taking care of her. This is not as uncommon a thing for an older male cat to do for a kitten as you might think, especially if there's no mother cat around.

If he's licking her anus often, however, I'd make sure she's not having some problems.

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Have him neutered and her spayed
by: Kurt (Admin)


I don't know if your male cat wants to mate with your female cat or not. I can't, however, in good conscience, encourage the mating of cats.

There are too many unwanted cats as it is, so I don't see the point of getting a mate for your male cat. If you want another kitten, there are plenty available already.

I also recommend slow and controlled introductions. I would suggest separating your non-neutered male from your non-spayed female so that no one gets hurt or pregnant, and get them both fixed as soon as possible.

My 10 month old male cat licks my 5 month old female kitten's body and private part.
by: Anonymous

I have a 10 month old male tabby orange cat. Recently l brought home a 5 month old female kitten to be his mate.He gets use to her right away but at the same time bites her neck sounds like he wants to have an intercourse to a kitten not in heat yet. In contrary, female kitten gets angry and fights back by her claw tries to scratch. I find this normal when male cat tries getting closer to female cat there are usually a bit fight between them. Hope l am right? On the other hand my male cat licking female's body ears and l just see he smells and licks her anus or vagina anything under her tail. Does this mean that male cat wants to mate with her please?

The kitten
by: Kurt (Admin)

I believe it's possible that your older male cat is licking your kitten a lot on her back end because she has some sort of problem (infection, bowel problems, etc.).

On the other hand...

While I'm not sure to what extent a male cat would imitate a mother cat's duties, there are plenty of male cats who have "mothered" kittens when no momma cat was available (YouTube has plenty of evidence of that).

Mother cats will lick their kittens after the babies eat in order to stimulate bowel movements and urination. At 9 weeks, your kitten is more than old enough to no longer need this help.

If he's doing it for that reason, he's a bit too late, but maybe he doesn't realize that.

At 9 weeks, your kitten is probably right in the middle of de-worming and vaccination booster shots and should be seeing the vet again, soon. Since this behavior concerns you (and I'm glad it does), I would give the vet a call and get an opinion. It's always best to check with the professionals.

by: Anonymous

My baby kitten or the older one?

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