My Cat Wants to Be the Only One!

by Kenda
(Pensacola, FL)



Dolly was 6 weeks old when I rescued her. I already had Ramey who was about 9, and he raised Dolly. However, as she got older, she didn't seem to want anything to do with Ramey or me! She would run and hide when she saw me, or duck her head when I tried to pet her.

Eventually, circumstances insisted that I rescue a 5 week old kitten. Again, Ramey raised her, and she and Dolly would play in the mornings, but otherwise, Dolly still didn't want anything to do with any of us!

Late in March, it became apparent to me that my Ramey was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, so I took him on his last outing to the vet. Since then, Dolly comes up to me every evening when I sit in bed to read. She meows for loving, and will let me hold her and kiss her! But if the kitten (now 2 years old) comes on the bed, Dolly hisses and growls and runs off.

It has become clear to me that she was jealous of Ramey (he WAS my favorite, a very loving guy), and would prefer to be the only cat in my house.

Dolly has also gotten into the habit of poo-ing outside of her litter box. I recently read that she may be marking her territory against the other cat!

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Introduce a new kitten slowly
by: Sharon Carroll

You need to keep the youngest cat in a separate room for several days and let them smell each other from under the closed door. Then when you finally let the kitten come out, start feeding them apart to where they can still see each other for about 5 days. And keep 2 separate litter boxes in different parts of the house and the rule of thumb is: one litter box for each cat plus one extra. And to make them get along even better, have one or two cat trees as cats like being up high.

cats getting along
by: Esther

I have been taking in a neighbors cat but my cat does not like this other cat to be in the house.
Is there anything I can do to make My cat be sociable to the neighbors cat?

Editor's note: Slow introductions after an initial separation period can work well in many cases, along with playtime and meal time together (after they've been properly introduced). Please see... how to introduce a stray cat into the house. Replace the word "stray" with the word "neighbor's." :)

one cat household
by: Anonymous

My cat will not let me have another I had to find a new home for a foster kitty because my cat got so depressed.

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