Whiskey the Fur-Angel

by Diane
(Mentor, Ohio)

My fur-angel

My fur-angel

Whiskey was not just my cat, he was my baby. He was with me for 17 years, up until the day he passed on in December of 2012.

He was an ornery thing, always stealing our seats when we got up, but making sure we were looking when he jumped up in them.

One day I scolded him for chasing a squirrel, so he laid down on the sidewalk looking like he was pouting. A squirrel walked right up to him and he looked at it and shook his head "no".

We lived in an apartment complex, and if he strayed too far across the property, I'd just have to point my finger at our apartment and he'd run home.

He had a 'friend' named BooBoo, a raggedy puppet that he would either beat up, or try to mate with, depending on his mood. It's ears were holey, and stuffing was all over the apartment, but we didn't have the heart to take it from him.

No matter how mad he was at me, all I had to do was start singing Rockabye Baby, and immediately, he was in my lap. If I stopped singing, he'd squawk.

At one time, although he was basically an indoor cat, he somehow became infested with fleas. We finally got rid of them, but continued to use the flea comb and brush on him.

He liked this so much, that every five minutes he'd be at the bathroom door squawking to be brushed. You could almost see a big smile on his face. When we stopped brushing after several minutes, he'd squawk again. He was such a demanding child!

He liked variety in his food, so he had four different food dishes on the floor. Of course, this didn't satisfy "His Highness".

When he wanted me awake, he'd stick his nasty li'l paw right in my mouth. Sometimes I'd have to spit out pieces of cat litter!

He was my life and I miss him so much. I couldn't bear to keep his ashes, so I took his hair out of the brush and I keep some of it in a locket that I purchased from The Animal Rescue Site.

I will always love him and miss him, but I had 17 years of happiness with that boy.

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