Tiger Lily

We rescued Tiger Lily from Providence, RI animal rescue shelter. Our children, Christopher and Heather 8 and 10 years old loved her dearly!

Heather especially, as she would dress her up in baby clothing and push her around in her doll stroller. Tiger never minded this one little bit!

One night Dad found Heather and Tiger in the bedroom with every single one of Heather's hair barrettes in her white and orange fur. We have a beautiful slide of the pretty sight. Imagine a CAT allowing this.

Tiger was so adorable as a kitten, a round ball of fur with a very round and cherubic face, really! She eventually went on to be a best best friend forever to Heather.

Her head would rest on a red satin covered pillow that Heather bought, and what a Princess she was!!!!! She traveled to Maine every time we went to Mum and Dad's place up there. She LOVED being in the woods and hearing all the critters, maybe moose and even a bear perhaps.

Then when Christopher took off on a road trip one summer (first to leave home for any length of time), she was in the window every single minute of that two weeks and my heart broke for that sweet little pet, as she pined for the missing loved one. Oh how joyful she was on him returning.

As the years flew by she was always the little watch cat, daring even the biggest dogs to set one paw in HER yard.

One day a very unfortunate and foolish squirrel dared to come on to the railing by the steps Tiger owned so valiantly, and she popped him squarely across the face. POW, he fell backward in a stunned and very humiliated manner. He looked back, chattering his head off at her.

He was only given a look of disgust by her and never ever did a single squirrel dare come on to the steps ever again. The word got out to stay clear of Tiger!

One other thing unique to Tiger was how every night like clockwork when Mark went off to bed he would say, "It's bedtime" and she would go bounding in and jump on to the bed ahead of him and just wait til he came in to give her attention.

If Cheryl dared interrupting this time she was given the cold shoulder by a very jealous little kitty, so that was their special time.

We had her til she was 18 and and a half and at the end she was pretty sick, but kept up her gallant fight. Tiger died in her sleep at 10:15 on March 29th and we will miss her sweet and loving ways forever.

Thank you Tiger for all you gave to us, and we just know you loved all we gave to YOU. That is for sure, as you told us by your actions each and every day you were here.

Goodbye Sweet and Dear Friend, Love Always Heather, Christopher, Mark and Cheryl Neal

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Apr 04, 2013
I'm sorry for your loss.
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear about Tiger Lily. It sounds like she was a wonderful cat. RIP little girl.

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