Pictures of Trouble

by Scott
(Sparta, il.)



Trouble Trouble and Muffin

Trouble was rescued right when his eyes opened from my roommate's mother's house. The mother cat always has tons of babies and at the time we only grabbed one. We thought Trouble was a girl at first. So we first named him Tabitha.

Trouble is doing very well now. We had a cat named Muffin, they got along well, but Trouble would always attack Muffin's tail and make Muffin mad. So we went and rescued another cat as a buffer, her name is Elanor. It seemed to work. Muffin seems happier now. Now Trouble has a sister his size and age, and they all three get along well.

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Absolutely Adorable!
by: David

Very beautiful kitte`! Like Kurt said, I only hope mama can get spayed. The statistics state that one female cat, with her offspring, can produce 400,000 cats in just five years. Like you said, Scott - "a ton of kittens".

With the economy what it is, my organization, Spots and Stripes, is barely getting the fourteen colonies of cats we are tending fed. In a normal economy (meaning, normal donations) I would find a vet near you and pre-pay to have that done. I wish I could help with that, but I'll settle for knowing you have rescued a couple of lovely cats!

Thanks for sharing the photos!

Thank you!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks very much, Scott, for introducing us to Trouble! I'm glad to hear that he is doing well. And thank you for rescuing these cats. There are so many that need homes. I hope that someone is able to spay his mother before she has another litter of kittens!

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