My Cute Cats Majik & Wonkas

by Sophie

It's a hard life!

It's a hard life!

It's a hard life! Wonkas' first Christmas

These are my two cute cats. As you can see they are VERY good friends!

Majik is the one who's into everything, out fighting every night and bringing home anything from toads to squirrels! In this photo the night before obviously exhausted him.

Wonkas prefers to spend his time sleeping on my daughter's bed, with the occasional trip downstairs to see if there's anything new in his food bowl!

Majik's a devil for climbing on the roof. Poor Wonkas once tried to follow him and got him self stuck in the guttering. I had to hang out of the upstairs dorma window with the kids clinging on to me feet so we could rescue him, poor thing!

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by: Cathy

Really both of them are very cute! I have also a black cat in my home and I am caring him very much. After seeing your post, I would like to share the pictures of my cat in this blog. Just wait to see my cutie.

by: JAN

YOUR MAJIK AND WONKAS SOUND LIKE MY BLINKIN AND NOD ! Blinkin discovered how to get on the roof right off. I, too, had to rescue from upstairs dormer window, then I discovered that Blinkin was liking this game and continued climbing to roof and coming over to window to scratch and 'call' for me. Now she gets down by herself. Nod, on the other hand, just watches from ground level!

Majik and Wonkas (hope I spelled that right!)
by: caren gittleman

How adorable that they are best furrrriends!!!!

Nothing better than a kitty bean bag chair!

Oh, how SWEET!
by: Reese

I love how cute they are. One of my other cats loves to go hunting for animals (Tabby).

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