Mr. Brightly Bright Eyes from Havana

by Pat Gordon
(Havana, FL)

Where Did My Beautiful Cat Go?

Where did my beautiful Mr. Brightly, Bright Eyes go? Did he fall into a sink hole, get swallowed up by some monster, get picked up by some flying predator? Or get beamed up by aliens?

I have searched and searched. He disappeared without a trace. One day he was home perfectly fine and happy and the next day gone.

What hurts the most is not knowing if he is hurt and hiding somewhere or can't get home. If he was hit by a car, or died from some natural cause, I would find his body. No one has seen him and no one cares. They don't understand, he was just a cat they probably think.

I miss his bright eyes and soft long hair, and his desire to be near me and thank me for rescuing him. He wouldn't have run away, he loved his home and me and the other cats. He wasn't the wandering kind, but the fat and lazy kind.

I keep thinking I will look out and see him. I loved you Mr. Brightly Bright Eyes and hope to see you some day at the "Rainbow Bridge."

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Sep 21, 2015
missing Mr. Brightly
by: Pat

Thank you anonymous, I hope you find your cat.

Sep 18, 2015
mr bright eyes
by: Anonymous

I lost a very valuable polydactyl purebred March 29, 2014. I was devastated he went out the dog door I did the newspaper signs all over town shelters etc I even hired scent dogs no sorresto collar or hair was ever found I feel he was taken by a newspaper deliver but I get 3 papers so????I know how you feel not knowing is very hard to put closure to it my condolescens

Sep 07, 2015
missing cat
by: Pat

Thank you for your kind comments. Mr. Brightley has been missing since August 18th. I called him
Brightley because of his bright yellow eyes against his totally black coat. Still hoping he will return.

Sep 06, 2015
mr bright eyes
by: Anonymous


Sep 02, 2015
hope for the best
by: Katie


Sorry to hear about your missing cat. There's always a chance he's got himself accidentally stuck in a neighbor's garage/basement where he went exploring and then got stuck because the neighbor didn't know that a cat got into his garage/basement.

I lost my dear cat Frankie (see the post below yours dated 9/2/2015) to a bicycle rider who didn't see Frankie when the rider took a short cut thru a cul-de-sac that had a broken street light.

Though the raccoons tore into him, at least they left him. What I have learned is that if there are any hungry wild dogs or coyotes, they'll pick up the cat (after breaking its neck/back) and then run away with it in their mouth.

so, telltale signs would be any clumps of cathair from your cat around the neighborhood.

So there's still a chance your cat is stuck somewhere, send him lots of love, let your neighbors know, post a small info post on craigslist lost/found animals for your neighborhood to raise awareness.

Let us know if you cat comes back. How long has your cat been missing for?

good luck

Sep 02, 2015
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss, and rest assured, we care. Nobody is ever "just a cat" to those of us around here. I will hold out hope that he's just taken a detour and will return.

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