Mister B

by Jenny Bauman

This is Bailey also known as Mister B because sometimes he is just too regal for his first name!

He is master of the house and understands nothing beyond that... sitting here as if to say "OK, you have had your fun now be off so I can dream about play." Bailey is truly a delight and loves to be around people.

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by: Anonymous

I have a cat of my own so I know the thoughts that go through their minds and I wouldn't trade him for the world ... Mr. B is just precious.

Mr. B is for beautiful
by: Maggie

Mr. B. is a beautiful kitty. I have noticed that perhaps the brown tabby American Shorthair is the most often seen kitty when you are looking at kitty pictures! They are wonderful animals!!! They all look a little different, but some of them look just alike! All gorgeous!

Cute face
by: Penny the kitty

What an adorable little face you have!!!!

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