Louie from Oklahoma City

by Denise Moreland
(Oklahoma City)

Louie came to me and my husband in March, 2015, and decided to call us his own. Louie was a sweet loving li'l boy. He followed us around like a dog. Neighbors called him a guard cat.

Louie was yellowish-white and had big, bright blue eyes. He even got to the point of knowing the sound of my car. He kept other strays away.

It's ironic when he showed up, because a month later me and my husband got pregnant. He was oh so gentle. He loved to talk to you. He was and still is my bubba.

In the beginning of November, 2015, Louie became very estranged... barely eating. He would hide for days and show back up. We thought he had another home.

On November 11, 2015, I found him under a bush making a weird meowing sound. I called him and he came walking out, drunk-like but hungry.

We tried feeding him, but he wouldn't eat. It was cold, so we brought him in and made a bed for him in the bathroom. He seemed to get worse, but I refused to give up hope.

On November 15, 2015, I force fed him chicken broth and water. He ate it. Later on that night he was eating canned cat food and drinking water and milk.

He continued to do this for 4 days, then took a dramatic turn for the worse. He quit eating, quit drinking, slept all the time, and quit going to the litter box. He actually slept in the litter box.

I told him to let go. I cried over him. He started to get where he wanted nothing to do with my husband and only wanted me. I would even sleep with him.

I tried feeding him again, water and food, force feeding and he ate. An hour later, his strength was so bad that he pottied on himself. I cleaned him and went to bed.

Monday came around. He was still asleep, but loving on me. Tuesday came around. I went to work and came home at six to find that he passed in his sleep. My husband said not even an hour later he was awake and fine. My sweet Louie waited til I was gone to pass so I wouldn't see it.

I held him for an hour after and cried tears of sorrow. If he had made it, he was going to be my daughter's cat. He loved being curled up to my stomach. My sweet Louie, I love and miss you every day.

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Dec 12, 2015
by: denise

Me and my husband discussed it for one we didn't have the money as all our money is tied into bills and getting stuff for the child we are bout to have plus we didn't want him to die from the stress of us moving him and the car ride he was old...we wanted him to pass with loved ones not strangers. I don't think I could have put him thru the poking and prodding of tests. And I thought I had him nursed back to health. I feel as if I failed him. But I know he didn't suffer at all he accepted it was the end for him. I miss him everyday and wish I could have done more. I know alot of ppl are going to patranize me and say we should have taken him and done more and that we are horrible ppl but we did what we thought was best for him not us.

Dec 12, 2015
Loui fromOklahoma City
by: lina mahmassani

I was really moved by this story.My Minoush came to me when she was 3 wks.old and passed away 2 monrhs ago(she was 23 yrs.old)She was my companion and the joy if my heart.I used to call her Morning Star..I would find her on my bed when I woke up.She didn't like to be cuddled.At the end she could barely walk. Then she stopped eating or drinking.The vet told me it was the end.Finally she sat facing the wall and wouldnt move.She knew it was the end.The last evening she got onto a bed in the next room and passed away in her sleep.I miss her so..although she always wanted to be left alone.
Ps.I dont understand why didn't you tsje her to a vet?

Dec 12, 2015
I do understand--but he loved you.
by: Paula

Poor Louie- he really missed out on a loving family. But you were there for him- and his passing was a warm,loving one. We had a orange striped boy cat--Buddy was his name. Even to his last day-he'd run to the door to greet you. He died in my arms--he had lung cancer. But he was warm and purring. We all cried tears of sorrow- he was our "Buddy."

Dec 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

How heartbreaking. He knew you loved him.hope another will come to you or you will find one like hm

Dec 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss.

Dec 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why you didn't take him to the vet?

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