Litter box problem started recently

by michele m
(philadelphia, pa)

Strider 2 christmas' ago

Strider 2 christmas' ago

My male cat Strider will be 3 in August and sometime around the beginning of the year (around March) he ate some string. He went to the vet and he gave Strider some antibiotics and liquid laxative type stuff. After that all was good again.

But within the past month or so ago he did it again and the same steps were taken but now he's going to the bathroom everywhere. He has had the same covered cat box since he was a kitten and I don't know if that's the reason.

I'd hate to get him a new cat box if that is the reason but maybe I should try that first before taking him back to the vet. Some advise would be great.

My Thoughts:

My first thought is that these problems could be totally unrelated, or, maybe the string is still in there and causing problems. I know that ingestion of strings and other foreign objects can bind up the intestines and pose a serious health risk. This is why I would certainly recommend you call the vet and see what your vet thinks first.

If he's had the litter box all along, and it's large enough for him, I think it's unlikely that the box itself is the problem. Cats can change their preference at any time, however, so it's possible.

My next idea is that maybe the laxatives threw him off track a bit. Also, antibiotics can mess with the digestive tract. This could possibly cause inappropriate elimination.

But, if it's been a few weeks since he was on either one, he's taking a while to get normal. It could be he got off track and just can't get back on the wagon, so to speak. If that's what it is, a little isolation retraining with the box should fix that.

In any case, I'd be concerned about a potential health risk and call the vet for confirmation, then go from there. I hope that helps. Please let us know how he progresses.


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Jul 20, 2009
lol Kurt
by: Anonymous

I have told him over and over again no I usually do get him a good brand wet food cause he's picky... very picky even down to the flavor... turkey only haha. But he is eating more and he's gaining his weight back. I am going to have him in the bathroom for the next couple of days too see if that helps. Thanks for all your help.

Jul 19, 2009
Try Premium Canned Food Plus Exercise Sessions
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)


Poor little guy! He's probably all messed up from the antibiotics, laxatives, and not eating properly. Laxatives can dehydrate too, and most cats don't drink enough water as it is. His electrolytes might be off kilter.

Follow your vet's advice, of course, but to help get him back on track, some vets will recommend premium canned food (in controlled portions) and light exercise. So, to help get him back on track, try the isolation litter box retraining combined with a premium canned cat food and exercise sessions.

Canned food has more nutrition per dry ounce than dry food, and also has more water content. The premium stuff really is better, so go with that to get him fixed up.

Control his portions and encourage light play sessions for exercise. He'll eat less (so he won't have so much volume of stool to deal with) and get more nutrition and more water (which will help get him regular and help fix dehydration issues). The extra exercise should help too.

And tell him to stop eating string!


Jul 19, 2009
Response to Kurt
by: Michele M.

Hi Kurt. I am 99.9% sure the string has past. His nickname for quite a while was pooppet...if you get my drift. I am pretty sure all the string is out because there's no longer any hanging out and he's eating like there's no tomorrow. His bowels use to be scattered around because of the string and now it's one place and looks normal.

I thank you for the advise and will give a call to the vet Monday and see what he says and possibly have more x-rays done. In the mean time I am going to try the secluded training because I think it's maybe just that. He hasn't gone in so long because he wasn't eating during his pooppet stage that he just maybe lost.

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