Kitten Milk Bath Fail

(:09) Kitten Swims in Milk!

(:09) Kitten Swims in Milk!

Generally speaking, we know that cats love milk and hate baths. We also know that many cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn't drink milk, and yet, they're still drawn to it.

This poor kitten, for example, can't seem to get enough of the juice of the cow.

In fact, he seems to be having a CATniption over it!

But there's trouble in dairy land for this kitten, and it has nothing to do with his system not being able to tolerate it.

In fact, he doesn't seem to be drinking much of it at all. Was he intending to take a bath? Or take a drink?

He attacks the bowl, knocks the bowl over, and heck, he practically swims in the milk! Have a look...

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Poor kitty
by: Anonymous

How cruel can one person be to give a little kitten a bowl of milk bigger than he is??? You should have put it in a little saucer making it easier for the kitten to be able to drink the milk.

f.y.i milk is not good for kittens, it upsets their stomachs. You can buy mother's milk at the pet store instead!

by: alexis fricke

It seems like that kitten wanted to some how suck on the bowl and when he flops over he throws a kitty fit and ends up tipping the whole thing on top of him. Was he ever bottle fed?

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