Happy Birthday Kitten

by Logan Susnick
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)


I have recently started making funny birthday video greetings, and being both a cat and a dog lover (albeit an allergic one) I am making them and other cute animals an integral part of my new hobby!

Right now there is only one kitten video on YouTube, I have one that's almost ready of cats meowing "happy birthday" to the music of Handel's "Messiah" and I'm working on five breed videos: Birman, Exotic, Maine Coon, Persian and Siamese.

The reason I started doing this is because there aren't many well made video greetings, especially funny ones made from original material. I use only legally usable photos and music and I do my own lyrics, singing, recording and music arrangements.

I hope you'll like it and share it with the community.


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Neat video
by: Kaimana Star

I like this video, very creative!

not good at all
by: Anonymous

Dont like. too stupid. Puts animals down.

absolutely adorable.....
by: Lindy

I love animals and I think that anyone who does has to be an okay person....
I have respect for the person who rescues an animal from cruelty and abuse. I scare myself at times because I seriously believe I could really hurt someone if I saw anyone committing harm to an animal, specially dogs and cats. I never hurt anyone but I fill with hatred for the people I read about who treat animals with abuse. I don't know if that makes me crazy but if it does, guess than I am guilty.

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