Cat Name Tickaboo

by Scott
(Wahoo, Nebraska)

Tickaboo and some of his causes

Tickaboo and some of his causes

I was given Tickaboo by an ex girl friend. I was not too sure about taking in another cat since my last ex took custody of the three we had together. But alls she had to do was ask a second time and I gave in.

NOT FOR HER, BUT FOR THE CAT! She sucked with cats. she had named the cat c.b. short for cat bastard. Well it was not the cat that was the bastard. So that's when the name was changed to Tickaboo. Tickaboo loves rabbits, catnip, and has a habit of humping fuzzy things like sweaters and scarfs. You wont see him with another cat because he hates them. Doesn't like dogs thanks to the ex girl friend and her new thing!

Tickaboo is a front declaw, ( not my doing ) neutered. Very loving cat. Tickaboo is the master when it comes to bed time. If he feels like you should only have a tiny corner of the bed, that's what you will have while he takes the rest of the bed.

He can go through a bag of treats in two days, hates the catnip that comes in the green box with that stupid free toy. Hates tuna and loves to be around his new owner. Tickaboo loves his canned food twice a day and his endless supply of dry food, water and treats. Tickaboo is a 12 year old male. He is a great cat.

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Oct 20, 2016
Tickaboo is at my house
by: Anonymous

Hi Scott. I would love to get a hold of you. My name is Dawn and I have had Tickaboo for the last 5 years. You gave him to my mom Lindy and she is now in a nursing home. I am taking great care of him and he gets along with my family of cats and he beats up my Boston terrier lol. If you want to see pictures of him let me know and I will send you some. I think he is about 16 years old now by the paper work I have but not sure. If you can get a hold of me that would be great!

Feb 03, 2010
Thanks for your comment!
by: tickaboo's dad

Thank you for your comment. As for the name, I wanted something you don't really ever hear a cat named. And Tickaboo came to mind, how? I guess too many energy drinks, I really don't know. As for the story, it's best to tell it like it is. Thanks again!

Feb 02, 2010
Cool name
by: Kurt (Admin)

Now that's cool name, and a good story to go with it! Thanks for telling us about Tickaboo, Scott.

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