Cat Memorial: Shuggie from Hamden

by Lynn French
(Hamden, CT)

My Shuggie was one of the best presents God ever gave me. She was a stray who showed up at my back door one day.

She was very shy and it took some time before we became friends. Every night, I would go out on the back porch and call to her.

She would peek her head out and come to the stairs where I would leave her some food and water. I would watch her from the window.

One night I stayed out to see if she would come up if I stayed on the stairs and she did. It was at that point a great friendship was born one of mutual trust and love.

Eventually, I would hold her over my shoulder every night and we would sit and chat about the day's events.

One night, the most amazing thing happened as I was holding her over my shoulder. Her stomach began to punch me... Oh my word! She was pregnant. I could hardly believe it.

Sure enough, my girl gave birth to five healthy kittens (2 boys and 3 girls). We kept Shug and two of the girls (Arwen and Lisa) and found homes for the remaining three.

I was blessed to have my Shugs for 10 years. Every day she made me smile and she reminded me how important it is to love and be loved. I lost her nearly three weeks ago to cancer.

I will tell you that every night I go to sleep and cry just missing her and praying that she is with Jesus on his big bed in the sky.

My hope is to get to a point where I can think of her and smile. Everyone should have a Shug - she's essential to a beautiful life.

Thank you for this space.

P.S. I miss her sleeping on my head.

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Aug 19, 2012
Steve - you made my day
by: Lynn From Hamden

Hi Steve,

I just read your post. I started to giggle because my husband and I are just as nutty about our people.

My husband put a nightlight over their litter boxes in the basement so they could see. I tried to tell him that they could see in the dark but he wanted to make sure they were not afraid when they went down there by themselves.

It's hard to explain to others the void I feel in my heart. Thanks for your post.

Aug 19, 2012
Thank you for rescuing her
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss, Lynn. I miss my head sleeper too. I hope that posting here helps just a little bit. Thank you for rescuing Shuggie and for taking care of her babies and finding the others good homes!

Aug 19, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Steven in Winder

I have an angel that came to me as stray. Imagine, a Norwegian Forest Cat running around on the loose as a cute kitten! A quick neuter and declaw and he has been in our bed every night for over 3 years now.

I take care of 6 ferals in my back yard. I had them all spayed and neutered with shots for $25.ea!! at in Duluth, Ga (a voluntary vet clinic, God Bless them!)

I have had to say goodbye to many a pet. Twenty years with a pet is a long time when you are used to having them at your side and especially when you know how much they loved being with you.

My ferals are friendly, but two out of the six are codependent! One jumps to sit in my lap and the runt tortoise-colored female looks through the door panel window every morning and night waiting to say hello or just goodnight.

I live on the end of a cul-de-sac street with a large fenced-in yard with a greenbelt of woods behind me. It is a cat's heaven for hunting and playing without worrying about fast-moving cars.

I have a 12x18 shed with a cat door that also has an additional 4x6x3 ft high insulated enclosure inside it equipped with an electric radiator heater for winter.

They gather round inside and keep nice and warm when it's cold or dry when the rain comes down. Then they sit underneath and just relax or scope prey when it is very hot in summer.

I guess I've given them the cat's life. My wife asks me what we'll do with them if we ever move. Not happening. $50k upside down on the mortgage? I'm here to stay. I'm their foster dad!

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