Cat Memorial: Basil from NE PA

by Tami
(NE PA )

Basil snuggling in a basket next to Daddy

Basil snuggling in a basket next to Daddy

Basil was the prettiest kitten you ever saw. Beautiful soft fluffy light gray fur with snow white tuxedo markings, the biggest greenest almond-shaped eyes. Simply adorable. That is how I want to always remember my best guy. Always the dignified gentleman, even then.

My husband brought Basil home as an 8 week old kitten from a co-worker as a surprise to me when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I think now about how he was with me as I sat alone and cried over her illness and then death. He sat with me silently and provided comfort to me in my darkest hours when no one else was there for me.

I had Basil for 1 month shy of 16 years. He was always MY cat. He loved the ladies! We often joked if he was a person, he would wear a tuxedo and drink martinis, he was such a sophisticated fellow. Yet he was still playful with me when I changed the sheets, and he would chase the wrinkles in the sheets and chase his little white mice toys... even just 2 months ago.

Basil crossed the rainbow bridge today. He was at the vet clinic for a scheduled surgery to remove a mass on his hip/spine. Later tests revealed it was a sarcoma, possibly caused by his vaccinations. The Dr. ran a scan and called to tell me the surgery would not be performed, he had masses in his lungs. And so we made the decision to let him go, as he was in pain from the mass on his hip and could no longer enjoy life, and would die soon.

I feel badly I was not with him, but the vet said he was already sedated and peaceful from the x-rays, and I don't know if I could have done it had I been in there with him. I say that guiltily as he was always there for me. Basil will always be my special guy. His love for me made me feel important and special. I hope sometimes I made him feel the same way.

I try to remember he had a good life. He was treated with love and kindness and lots of food and pets. He has a brother, Brooksie, who he played throughout his youth with, a constant companion, even to his annoyance! He lived 99% of his years never being sick a day in his life.... until this last 3 weeks.

Tonight, I will go home and wash his food bowls and his blanket and try to imagine how to live without his constant presence and comfort.

I will never forget you or the exquisite softness of your fur, your loud purrs of contentment, and your answer back to me when I called your name. Tonight, for the first time, when I call your name to let you know I am going to sleep, you will not call back to me or run to me.

I love you Basil.

Your Mom

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Jul 12, 2011
Thanks Kim
by: Anonymous

Kim, thank you for your kind words. I want you to know I really appreciate you talking to me the last few months when Basil became ill. It really means a lot to me. I hope you know I will be there for you if you ever need me. Your friend, Tami

Jul 12, 2011
by: Kim


So sorry you've lost Basil. He was such a handsome boy with those beautiful green eyes! I hope that when the sadness fades you only have happiness in your heart for the wonderful cat that he was and the wonderful life you gave him. There is no room for any kind of guilt. You went above and beyond for Basil and he truly knew how much you loved him and how much you did for him. Rest in peace Basil. You will never be forgotten, you will live in our hearts forever!!!


Jul 11, 2011
Thanks Kurt
by: Anonymous

Thanks Kurt, I appreciate your kind words. Tami

Jul 01, 2011
I'm sorry to hear about Basil
by: Kurt (Admin)

You made one of the hardest decisions that a pet parent can make, Tami, and I think a certain amount of guilt naturally goes with that. I believe, though, that anyone who expresses their love for their cat in a memorial like you've done here has nothing to feel guilty about. Thanks for giving Basil a great home!

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