Cat Genie - Keeping The Litter Granules In The Box

by Celeste
(New York)

Keeping the litter granules in the Cat Genie!

Everytime the box gets used, litter is kicked/tracked out. Lots of it. It's in every room & stuck to our feet. What good is a self-cleaning Cat Genie litter box for $350 if you have to constantly clean off your feet & sweep & vacuum litter that may or may not be clean? It's disgusting.

Any suggestions for some kind of litter box "curtain" I can attach to my Cat Genie? The company offers no such product. I'm sure I'm not the only person on the internet w/this problem. HELP!

My Thoughts:

You're not the first person I've heard complain about this. It's likely that someone has a suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for you at this time, but I do have some information that you might want to look into.

For those who don't know, the Cat Genie uses it's own specialized granules which are washed and dried. These granules tend to get around -- all over your house, that is.

I've heard complaints also that sometimes the granules don't get dried properly or completely. I'm wondering if the problem is that the granules are damp? That would seem to me to increase the amount of tracking that would occur.

I remember trying out some "multi-cat" litter products (not for automatic litter boxes, just regular clay litter). With 3 cats, that stuff got tracked all over the house. It was ridiculous. What I noticed about that litter was that it seemed a) a much thicker grain, and b) to retain moisture in those thick granules. I attribute the moisture (it's very humid in Florida where I live) to the excess tracking.

If you go to the forum at Litter Box Central, you'll find some Cat Genie customers who are not happy. This thread points out that the Cat Genie SaniSolution (which they claim is toxic per the MSDS) is squirted into the granules during the drying phase.

This may make the granules sticky, and that would likely account for excess tracking, just like my "multi-cat" litter example above. I have not verified any of these claims, I'm just trying to point you in the direction of a possible cause/solution to the problem.

One suggestion would be a large litter mat in front of the box to hopefully grab the granules. Many cats do not like the "fake grass" ones and will jump over them, so choose wisely. Also, placing a sisal scratching board in the path to/from the box may encourage your cat to leave some of the litter behind.

I hope that helps some. I'll put this on Twitter and we'll see if anyone will come back with a better answer. You can tweet it yourself too by using the "Tweet This" button below (or use the sharing site of your choice).


P.S. I just noticed this Cat Genie 120 Upgrade thread. They give you only $100 for your old unit, but it's something. One of the improvements is a better design to preserve the granules. One of the posts in that thread also mentions a complaint about the sticky granules and tracking problems. If nothing else, you're not alone!

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Feb 06, 2017
Tracking granules
by: Lilian

On the tracking of granules all over the house: Would being more regular in keeping the cat's claws trimmed then eliminate much of the cat's ability to carry-and-spread the granules? (I'm giving it a trial test)Am interested in feedback!

Dec 13, 2016
No good alternative
by: peter

I would rather sweep the granuals up than ever go back to a regular litter box with scooping. My house no longer smells like I have a cat. My friends have told me that before I had my Cat Genie that I smelled like a cat.

Even electric ones require you to remove smelly clumpy litter.

Mar 09, 2016
Works great, what a mess though
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I have to vacuum all the little granules up daily that are tracked all over the house by two cats. I despise it.

Mar 02, 2015
Further info
by: Anonymous

I have had a Cat Genie for a long time and done LOTS of things to it. Firstly, you can get a CatGenius that will eliminate the need to buy SaniSolution, Google for info.

Next you can install an extractor fan into the unit that sits above the scoop and connect to a pipe that runs outside, that will cut down on the smell. Again, Google it as a guy linked it to a special master/slave extension cable to automatically turn on and off, or you can use a plug in timer.

Lastly to cut down on litter getting around the home, you can put a couple of roller paint trays with chicken wire over the top in front of the unit. Again, Google for info as somebody else did it before me. It worked well although my cats tended to pee in the paint trays but it was worth it for the complete removal of litter around the home. I have even built an entire enclosure for the unit with a cat flap to cut the smell as much as possible.

I now have a problem where the litter is so sticky it is getting dumped into the hopper by the scoop. This thing is a great idea but way too unreliable and problematic for my liking.

Sep 21, 2010
this thing sucks!
by: Anonymous

We have had one for over a year now. Like you say the litter is all over and not to mention the smell when it cleans. My suggestion is to smash it and use something else.

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