Calamity AKA Clam Jo

by Malari

Calamity was found as a 6 week old kitten and introduced into our little family, after a clear bill of health from the vet, of course!

She is a wild woman, loves to jump to the highest points in any room in one solid bound! She climbs curtains and knocks over anything in her way! We joke that we should have named her Tranquility...

She is little (8 pounds at 8 years of age!) and mighty! She has a great sassy attitude but also is the most loving little bug I've ever met! She wants to be on your chest or lap, collecting all the pets she can.

Clam Jo is just one of her many nick names... but it's a cute and original one!

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Jul 15, 2016
by: Anonymous

what a fun baby

Jul 12, 2016
Calamity/Ginger One of a Kind
by: Anonymous

I have to give a Clam Jo as we have one in our home too, Ginger (Gingi). If it's in here to rip and tear around the place she's up and on top of the door trim looking to see if there's someplace to hang out on the ceiling. We just don't know what gets into her! Sounds like you have a kitty that's very similar!

Like your Clam Jo, Ginger is a love bug as well. She's always curled up beside us on the bed on the computer, etc., etc. and loves to be held and loved.

Enjoy your wonderful kitty as she'll give you lots of love throughout her years with you ;-)

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