Border Collies Can't Herd Cats

by Chloe T. Kitteh

Border Collies can't herd cats, but they can herd sheep like crazy. This is actually my favorite non-cat video for the day, extreme electric sheep herding in Wales.

Border Collies are smart. In fact, by many accounts they may be the smartest dog breed around. They do a great job herding sheep, but even though they might try, they can't herd cats, at least not without a fight. It takes real men (and real horses) to herd cats.

I've heard stories about Border Collies trying to herd everything in their path and everything not in their path, from children to cats. The cats don't usually appreciate this behavior, of course, and problems usually arise.

Here's a good article to read if you're thinking about adding a BC to your home along with your cats.

Do you have a BC that gets along with your cats? What did you do to make that happen? Please let us know in the comments.

And remember, I'm not sure if cats dream of electric sheep, but when sheep can't sleep, they count cats.

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Thank you!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks, Melissa, for sharing your great rescue story with us! I'm glad that Kirk has found a good home with you and your family.

Taking on an abused dog can be a challenge, but you've certainly proven that cats and dogs, even Border Collies :) can adapt and get along. Thanks again for sharing!

BC and 4 cats
by: Melissa

I'm very much a cat person. When my husband and I found an abandoned and abused BC (which we named Kirk) we couldn't leave him, but I was worried what would happen when we brought him in the home. We have three stories so there is plenty of room.

Kirk's need for acceptance seems to overshadow his need to herd. Two of the cats let him know right away they did not want to play. Kirk sits by and lets them do as they wish because he knows they will swat him if he doesn't. He still chases them every once in awhile, but never corners them.

My other cat plays with Kirk all the time and even allows Kirk to herd him into going a different direction. The fourth stays out of his way.

It's been over a year now and every day we see more and more harmony. They all lay in the same room, get lovin at the same time, and even touch noses! I really need to buy a security camera to see what goes on when we aren't home.

I'm sure it was the abuse and neglect that rid Kirk of some of his BC-ness, but he is the perfect dog for this cat lover and I could never find another better than him.

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