16 year old neutered male cat started urinating in the house

My cat was given to me by my neighbor a few years ago. He is 16 now. He was outdoor only when she gave him to us and that was good because my husband is allergic to cats.

To make a long story short, the cat got really sick and we took him to the vet. This was like a month after we got him. After that, he decided he liked it indoors and he is mostly indoors now.

The only thing is, he does his business outside. He meows at the door and we let him out. He comes back when he is done. The last couple days, he has peed on the floor and not too long after he went outside.

I was told by a friend that maybe he is spoiled and throwing a tantrum if he doesn't get what he wants but from what I understand, cats don't act that way and he has never done this before.

I live in an apartment building and I know the new upstairs neighbors have a cat. Could that be affecting him? I can't think of anything else that has changed.

I am afraid he may be sick because he somehow had urine on his belly and feet. I have to do something. I love him more than anything and I rent and have an immaculate renting history so I can't screw that up. Help me.

My Thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your cat is having problems. He may be concerned about the neighbor's cat, but I think you may be right in assuming that he's sick.

I'm not a fan of letting cats outside to do their business because it prevents you from being able to closely monitor their bathroom habits. Bathroom habits, or changes in them, can be a key health indicator.

By urinating on the floor, however, your cat may just be telling you that he has a medical problem. Cats often urinate outside of the litter box, or in your case, inside the house, when they have a urinary problem or other ailment. That could be anything from an infection to a partial blockage to kidney disease. Keep in mind that urinary tract blockage is especially dangerous and a life threatening situation for male cats.

As I've written about extensively here on the site, there are other reasons for this type of behavior as well. As cats age, they can develop many of the same issues as humans, including dementia or even poor bladder control.

If he were my cat, I would take him to the vet and have him checked out. At 16, if he hasn't had his blood tested in a while, it's time for that again as well.

I hope that helps. Please let us know how he makes out.


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Jun 13, 2015
Glad to hear it!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Hi Rayna,

I'm so glad to hear that Tommy is off insulin and doing well. That's amazing!

Jun 13, 2015
No More Insulin for Tommy
by: Rayna

I just wanted to update this page. I checked into Lisa Pierson's site and did further research on feline diabetes. I learned so much. I definitely recommend to check it out for anyone who's cat is diagnosed as diabetic.

When I took Tommy in for his first glucose curve, there was a little improvement but his blood sugar was still way too high so we upped his dosage of insulin. That's when I decided to try changing him to canned food with low carbs (I use usually Friskies Pates but there is a list on the website of types that are low carb) which made sense as carbs are converted to sugar in your body and cats don't eat carbs in the wild. He literally doesn't need insulin anymore.

If anyone tries this, MAKE SURE YOU HOME TEST YOUR CATS BLOOD SUGAR or you can put your cat into hypoglycemia which is life threatening. Seriously, it has that profound of an effect. My cats blood sugar was in the 500's and is now at normal level with no insulin, so if I wouldn't have tested his blood sugar, and gave him his shot, it would have killed him.

He is so healthy and happy now and my vet is amazed and looking at feline diabetes in a whole new light. Thank you for recommending that website, Kurt. I can't stress enough to do your own research. catinfo.com It made all the difference in the world for Tommy!

Feb 26, 2015
urinary tract blockage
by: tigerʻs mom

I'm so relieved that you got your kitty to a doctor. I totally agree with Kurt, about the necessity for medical (veterinary) assessment.

We had a 7 year old maine coon, Tiger, who I loved like crazy, who started to urinate outside of the litter box (indoor cat, except when he managed to sneak outside).

When he started doing this, my partner thought it was behavioral issues, but I thought otherwise. I deferred to her, with much regret; this went on a few days, and then, one day he was just crying inconsolably, and then hid. I told my partner Tiger had to go to the vet.

We were told that he had a very severe urinary tract blockage, and they tried to surgically remove it, but unfortunately, he didn't survive. To this day, I never know what really happened, but I have made it a hard and fast rule in our home: if a kitty starts having litter box issues of any sort, the first thing is to get a medical work-up done by a reputable veterinarian as soon as possible. Behavioral issues are only considered if all other physical issues are conclusively ruled out.

Feb 21, 2015
Get Well, Tommy
by: Kurt (Admin)

Hi Rayna,

You're welcome. I'm sorry to hear that Tommy has diabetes, but I'm glad he's doing better, and I'm glad to hear that you had him vet checked.

For an introduction to feline nutrition, take a look at Lisa Pierson's site.

Feb 21, 2015
by: Rayna

Hi Kurt,
Thank you for the advice. I did take him to the vet. Tommy is his name. I'm so glad I did. It turns out he is diabetic. He has to be given insulin shots twice a day to balance his glucose level. He is doing so much better. No accidents either. My vet said he was drinking more to try and expel the extra glucose and simply was too tired and weak feeling to ask to go outside. Once again thank you for being so quick with your response. If anyone has any comments or questions let me know. I will check this site periodically. Also, I have been researching kitty nutrition and the lack thereof in commercial kitty food, so if anyone has any insight, it would be appreciated. Again, Kurt, thanks for the advice and the wonderful website!

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