Some cats do things to show you how they feel

(Bushnell, Florida)

Some cats do things to show you how they feel including leaving poo on your floor. Do not let some of these supposed cat experts say cats do not poop on your floor to show they are upset with you.

These facts are based on outdoor cats and are biased because of it. Under a lot of circumstances this will be true, but others it is not.

I can tell you for a fact cats can and will poop on your floor out of a perfectly clean litter box, in another room to show they are upset with you.

We have an indoor cat that has never been outside in his life. He was raised inside by bottle before his eyes were open and has been away from other cats his entire life, making this case different.

Our cat when he gets upset with us will poop on the floor by my chair or in the same room that does not have the clean litter box.

He has been checked by vets for any health problems and have not found any which does not mean there is not one.

He does this when he wants food. If you give him a kind he does not want to eat and you just leave it there until he gets hungry he will walk right up beside you or in front of you and drop you a surprised gift.

We go through plenty of wasted cat food because he eats certain flavors and brands of food then changes his mind the next time. He may eat shredded turkey and gravy today but a few days from now he will not even touch it.

He is like a person. He wants something he has a taste for at the time and us not speaking cat can not tell what it will be.

Keep in mind when he does not get the food he wants he will and does leave us a present sometimes if we wait till he gets hungry and eat what we gave him.

This is the only time he will do this and it's over food, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that cats can and will show they are upset with you.

To say that cats and dogs don't get upset with people and respond by showing it is false.

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Options for urinating, pooping, biting inappropriate
by: Anonymous

Come from a family of vets
New cat I got for my wife does this. Baring any anatomical issues (which are usually obvious) due to separation anxiety
You can put calming hormone collars or plug in
Doubt in most cases they work. Next step up is SSRI, prozac or alike, come in different favors, pills or liquids dosed per weight

I love my cat...but not that much...
by: Anonymous

I made the mistake of feeding soft food to my cat along with his hard food. Now I've started reducing the amount of soft food I give my cat because it's getting fat and he's obsessed with soft food like a crazy crack addict. Constantly pawing at me all day long, but not for attention. ..just more soft food.

It just pooped in my bedroom right in front of me. I about tossed it outside.

I'm now eliminating all soft food from his diet, and if this behavior continues after a few weeks. ...well...He won't be living here anymore.

Any ideas?
by: Sharon

I love the comment that this behavior should be broken by any means necessary. Sounds great... any ideas how? My kitty does not like either my husband or me to leave overnight. If we don't come home to poop on the floor (thankfully not on carpet), it will be there later that night. We've tried everything... scuffing, confinement, treats (bribes), extra litter boxes. .. nothing has worked.
We even took her to our new home while it was being built to make the move easier. She hasn't had any problems with that, but is being gone is still an issue for her.
She's 15 and in good health for her age and I don't want to have to keep her outside.
Any suggestions?

cats do show they're upset with you.
by: Anonymous

Me and my family went on vacation for 5 days and we came back to 7 big piles of poo on the floor. We were pretty upset with her. But I know she did it because she was upset we left her. That's the only time she has ever done anything like that. She's an indoor cat never been outside other than when we caught her out there when she was a kitten. Cats do show they're upset with you by leaving poop around the house.

Pooping on Floor When Upset
by: Anonymous

My cat accepted and loved my boyfriend of three years very much. We broke up and he has been coming back here and there to pick up things he left behind. Every time he leaves my cat poops on the floor in the living room (litter box in the bedroom).

Is she mad at me or my ex? I feel so bad. She is obviously traumatized. I thought she was sick until I realized when he doesn't stop by, she poops where she is supposed to poop. Within 20 minutes of him leaving, sure enough, poop on the living room carpet. Six visits from the ex and six poops on the floor...and not six days in a row either! It is definitely related to him. Poor thing.

Editor's note: Poor kitty! From the hundreds of stories I've been told over the years, this is not that uncommon. There are possibly two things at play here... cats absolutely hate change (I'm a broken record with that one). The other thing is that cats are very sensitive creatures and what's happening with the humans in their lives (and their territory) can affect them deeply.

I have a long list of situations in which some change took place in the house and a cat went off the litter box (sometimes just once in response to the stress, other times continuously until stress reduction and retraining fixed the problem).

This is a difficult time for all three of you. I would make sure to give her lots of extra love during this time.


Training cats takes just a little more time than Dogs
by: Anonymous

I've had cats all my life (55 yrs). I have trained cats to do all sorts of things. However, I can tell when my most recent cat is upset over my boyfriend scuffing him up. Later he will poop in the hallway.

He will poop in the hallway if I change anything related to the litter box. If my boyfriend happens to yell at him, he will go poop in the hallway.

Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend loves our cat. But, Picasso loves to sit with me all day if I let him. Russian Blues usually favor one person in the home, just like our dog favors him more than me.

I have never seen such animal behavior from a cat. He is easily trained to do positive things, like staying off the kitchen counters, opens the doors around the house, comes and sits where I want him.

I trained him to not bother me while eating or doing my art. I can just give him a look and he reacts to my facial expressions. He stopped fetching, but loves to go crazy watching the birds out the window. Thanks from Picasso and me.

Not the owners fault
by: Anonymous

I don't think it's just the owner. I have a problem with my cat sleeping with me because he lays on my legs and I have restless leg syndrome.

If I don't let him sleep with me though, he poops in the same exact spot every night in the dining room. If I go on a weekend trip, I leave him 2 litter boxes and I will come home to 2 nights worth of poop in the dining room.

It drives me crazy. Nothing I have done has helped though.

I think some of us just have cats with actual personality. Mine for example, won't quit eating plastic. I've had to quit using plastic bags because he will find them any way he can. He can't have a toy with a string because he will eat the string.

He has his quirks and he's amazing. He irritates me more than my toddler, but he's got so much personality! Don't always jump to conclusions and blame the owner for a cats weird behavior though. Mine has always been different.

He was actually named curious less than a month after he was born. He gets into everything. He can open a door with a handle, even though we turned it upside down!

He use to shut my bathroom door, open my drawer, and lay in it. Since my drawer was right in front of my door and my door opened inwards, Id have to open my door an inch and use a screwdriver to push the drawer shut so I could open the door haha.

My cat
by: Anonymous

My cat is 14 and is an indoor cat who definitely poops and pees out of the litter box when pissed off. She only pees when the litter isn't to her standards so now that scoopable has been out that hasn't been an issue but poop has been - whenever she feels neglected I find poop.

I work 12 hr nights and she has major issues with me being gone and then sleeping all day to leave again. I know she is completely healthy and this behavior is deliberate to me lol. I know my cat and when I'm home and attentive the poop stays in the litter box.

My cat
by: Anonymous

My cat won't poop on the floor when he's upset, rather if he wants outside and no one gets up to let him out, he'll go somewhere where everyone can see him, and he'll pretend to spray on something, sometimes even our legs.

Why do cats poop in front of you?
by: Anonymous

Our 14 year old cat who has lived mostly outside (brought inside at night) will poop on the floor in front of us when she is upset - mainly when we have visitors. But what I really want to know is why when I am outside gardening she follows me around the yard, pooping in the garden beds and pot plants right where I am working constantly. She is regularly wormed and in good health - Is she trying to tell me something?

Cats and feelings
by: caren gittleman

I sooo agree with the person who just commented ahead of me.

Since the cat has been thoroughly checked for a health problem and it has been deduced that he has no health problem, to me the problem lies with the OWNER.

Sorry but that is how I feel. I have had 2 cats (the first one for 18 yrs) and my 2nd is 3 and a half years old. They both have gotten upset with me and NEVER, EVER exhibited this sort of behavior.

Maybe the cat is pooping because you keep changing the BRANDS (not the flavor but BRANDS of food) which you are not supposed to do without giving them at least a week of having the 2 foods mixed together. Poor thing probably has an upset stomach and the runs! Sorry but I would be pooping too!

cat poop
by: Anonymous

These cats need to be broken of the habit then using whatever methods are needed. This is a very unacceptable behaviour coming from cats.

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