My cat knows how to spell!

by Trevor

My cat, Gabby, knew "treat" so well that I thought I would give her a challenge, so I tried to teach her the spelling of it.

It only took her a couple times to know it. I often test her by spelling my name, Trevor or other words that start with Tr... and she doesn't respond until she hears the word.

Here is a video of her listening and responding:


She knows when I say "get up" as seen in the video as well as "sit", "food", "water", "chicken" (canned food), "ride" (she loves the car), "cuddle"/"hugs" (comes and lays on my shoulder), and "I love you"/"give me kisses" (nudges my nose), and when I say "bed time"/"night, night" she knows I'm going to sleep. She is starting to learn "lay down" and "sit" combined with "no" (stay).

Despite her name Gabby, she was pretty quiet in her younger years. As she has grown older she has developed quite the vocabulary and her vocalizations give me a good indication of what she is talking about.

Tonight she had pushed her food plate under the door stop so I was trying to get her to stop to move it for her and said, "stop eating, let me move your plate" and she made a sound that sounded exactly like "no", looked at me and went back to taking care of it herself.

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cat knows how to spell
by: Anonymous

not only is she smart but beautiful

Smart cat
by: Anonymous

gorgeous smart cat! I wish I knew how to teach my kitty. Great job!

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