My Cat Bites My Head

by Jessi Tremaine

This is my nappy time...and my bed.

This is my nappy time...and my bed.

Matteus is our recently adopted 5 year-old male neutered cat. We have 1 and a half other cats (our female recently gave birth) and the three seem to be getting along great! I work nights and my partner works days so someone's always home.

However, when I go to bed he climbs onto my pillow and licks then bites my head to the point where I can feel his teeth. He never breaks the skin, but I would LOVE to know why he's doing this. After he's done (aka, I stop him) he lays down by my feet with his back to me and stays there until I wake.

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The cat loves you
by: Bob from Cat Illnesses

Our cat is actually doing the same, but it's never aggressive. It often happens, when I caress the cat and I think, the gentle biting is a cat's way to show her affection and to tell you: I love you. Bob from Cat Illnesses

I vote for grooming too
by: Kurt (Admin)

I agree with the grooming suggestion. Priscilla used to greet me after just about every shower. She'd show up just before I was finished (she knew the timing), meowing at me as loudly as she could. "Get out here this instant!" When I got out of the shower, she'd lick my legs as if to say "you're not a very good cleaner, let me help you." She was quite enthusiastic about it and if I let it go on, it would turn into a full-on double-pawed grapple hold with alternating biting and licking.

Nippy cat
by: Anonymous

Is it possible that he is grooming you? I watch my cats groom each other and they'll lick the fur, then dig down with their teeth as if trying to get a tangle out of the fur, then lick the fur some more. I think it's their way of bonding with each other and us. It's very sweet!

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