Athena (Thingy) from Hastings

by Yvonne
(Hastings, MN)

It's been 7 years since my baby Athena (nick named Thingy) went to the bridge. She was only 1 1/2 years old.

I adopted her when looking for a kitten on Petfinder. Her picture was so cute, that I just had to have her. I contacted the rescue and picked her up a few days later.

From day 1, this little 6 week old kitten stole my heart and changed me. I bonded with her like I have never bonded with a cat in my life.

She'd lay on my arm on her back and sleep. She'd meet me at the door when I got home and would not leave me alone until I gave her some love.

She'd follow me around the house and was just a sweet little social girl that never hissed, even when hissed at by my cranky older cat.

Then one day the foster Mom contacted me and told me that one of the kittens had died of FIV. She was asking all the people who had adopted these kittens to have them tested.

Thingy tested positive. She looked at me and the vet as we talked, still looking happy and healthy.

At that time there was little they could do for cats who were FIV positive. I did as much reading on it as I could and tried to keep her healthy.

I did not worry about her spreading it to my other cats since she was so sweet, but I still had my one cat Xena immunized since they did play and chase each other.

Then she started getting sick and went downhill so fast. She lost a little weight at first, then all of a sudden she could not breath.

I took her to the vet and there was little they could do. Looking back I do wish I'd taken her to another vet since this vet did not seem interested in helping.

She died on 9/13/06. I am in tears writing this because the pain is still there.

The foster mom still had her Mom, who they called Saphie, but they called her Mama most of the time. They offered her to me.

I took her of course and she helped with the hurt and filled my heart, but 7 years later I lost her, on 8/20/2013.

I will write a memorial to her as well. Mama had been tested for FIV, 5 times but all negative. How the kittens got it is a mystery. I believe all the kittens have gone to the bridge.

Thingy in her short life taught me so much. She taught me love, patience, and how valuable, wonderful and precious cats are.

I love all animals, but have always been a cat person, but not until this wonderful tiny creature came into my life did I realize how truly wonderful they are.

I hug and kiss my kitties now and tell them how special they are to me and how much I love them, and I do believe they understand it.

Thingy has left a piece of her with me that I cherish. She will always be my special little boogar.

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Oct 09, 2013
A special kitty
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry for your loss of this special kitty, Yvonne. RIP Thingy. You were taken way too soon.

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