A Prophecy of Snow

by David R. Myers
(Austin, TX)

Why would a ten-year-old tomcat, living the easy life of a family pet, leave all behind to follow a mysterious stray on a quest to save other cats? Why would he risk life and safety when the chances of success are all too slim?

These are the questions that Scratcher cannot answer without following Jackson, the train-hopping tom who enters his life one summer afternoon. By all appearances, Jackson is just another cat who takes shelter with a neighborhood woman. But as days pass, Scratcher and his friend, Tiger, learn that Jackson is no regular stray. Greatness seems to shadow him.

When Jackson tells him one evening that he must return to the road to look for ones he left behind, ones who are in danger, Scratcher cannot refuse the call of the open road and the adventure that lies ahead.

Told in the person of Scratcher, A Prophecy of Snow opens the door upon a world that human beings have never seen and perhaps never imagined, a world uniquely feline, where cats vie for their portion of the world with greed, ferocity, and honor.

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