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Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #001 -- Cat Rescue Groups, Ragdolls, and Your Input.
July 22, 2010

Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #001

July 22, 2010

Welcome to the first issue of Cat Lovers Digest, the new newsletter for Cat Lovers Only. It only took me six years, but I finally got around to it!

This is a special edition of the newsletter, not only because it's the first issue, but this is also an announcement, well, kind of a pre-announcement, that we'll be kicking off the "Cat Days of Summer" soon. Watch for it!

In This Issue

1. Your Input
2. Cat Rescues
3. Ragdolls
4. Tweeting Cats
5. Favorites
6. Poll

Your Input

Your input is highly valued and needed! Start a conversation...

More and more, your submissions have been shaping the purrsonality of the site, and I thank you and all my readers for making the site what it is today. The more pages you create and the more comments we get, the better the site becomes. Speaking of that...

You can now suggest a topic for the site. If you see that a topic that's important to you is missing, please suggest it!

How? Simply go here:

Suggest a topic

Cat Rescues

If you know of a shelter or rescue group in your area that works to get cats adopted, please have them list with us so we can get the word out about them.

Send them to:

Cat Rescue Groups

We recently had the Bartholomew County Humane Society and Adopt a Pet add listings to the site.

Bartholomew County Humane Society

Adopt a Pet

That's great, but we need more!

Matilda the Ragdoll

I'm fascinated with Ragdoll cats lately, and in case you missed it, we have a page dedicated to Ragdoll cat videos.

I wrote about Matilda, the Algonquin Cat, throwing a birthday bash for herself every year. Well, it's coming up in August, and the old girl will be 15 this year! I've been invited, but unfortunately I can't attend.

Here's Matilda's write up

Another Ragdoll on his way to fame is Kokoro, and his human mom, Michele Tilford, has added a page on the comic she writes about him. You can read more about Kokoro, his mom, and the KokoroPurrs comic here.

Tweeting Cats

Mashable reported on a device that effectively creates tweeting cats.

Is your cat on Twitter? Follow @catloversonly

Join us on Facebook too


Some recent favorites.

Favorite cat video: HOOTe CAT

Favorite non-cat animal video: Howard the Bunny

Favorite "other" video: Hammer Time Mob Dance


Please take our dry cat food poll even if it's just to tell us that your cat doesn't eat dry food. We'll publish the results soon.

Until next time, have a furry nice day!


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