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Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #002 -- Dry Cat Food Poll and Cat Days of Summer
August 03, 2010

Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #002

August 3, 2010

Welcome to the August Issue of Cat Lovers Digest.

Announcement: The Cat Days of Summer will be announced in a special edition of this newsletter on August 4. We'll kick it off with a contest, so watch your inbox.

In This Issue

1. Your Input
2. Poll
3. Matilda's Birthday Celebration
4. Favorites

Your Input

As I mentioned in the previous (first) issue, your input is highly valued and needed!

If you have created pages, shared any photos or videos, or contributed to any of the discussions on the site so far, I thank you! You have the opportunity to help shape this site, to develop it into your go to resource, as well as a place where you can discuss cat related issues with other cat lovers, show off your cat, tell stories, ask questions, and of course, have fun.

If you haven't joined in yet, your opinions, pictures, stories, and information are welcomed and wanted. Start a conversation and suggest any cat related topic...

How? Simply go here:

Suggest a topic

Ask a question

Also, please let any shelter or rescue group in your area know that they can list with us. Send them to:

Cat Rescue Groups

During the Cat Days of Summer, we'll be spreading the word about cat adoption, and featuring Adopt a Pet:

Adopt a Pet

Best Dry Cat Food Poll

Speaking of needing input, please take our best dry cat food poll even if it's just to tell us that your cat doesn't eat dry food.

We'll publish the results when we get enough data. Look for a canned cat food poll coming soon too (watch the blog).

Matilda's Birthday

Matilda the Ragdoll invited me to her birthday celebration on August 11. Unfortunately, I cannot attend, but I promised that I'd mention the event. You can read more about it here:

Matilda's (The Algonquin Cat) Birthday Celebration with a Reception and Cat Fashion Show to benefit North Shore Animal League America


Some recent favorites.

Favorite cat video: Talking cats video

Favorite non-cat animal video: Border Collies Can't Herd Cats

During the Cat Days of Summer, I'll be using the newsletter to announce events first, so you'll be getting several special editions over the next couple of months.

Until next time, have a furry nice day!


P.S. Get updates, keep in touch, or just say hi on Facebook or Twitter

Facebook page

Twitter: @catloversonly

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