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Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #005 -- Winter Cat Care Tips
January 14, 2011

Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #005

January 14, 2011

Welcome to the January Issue of Cat Lovers Digest. This is the first issue of the year. Not much was going on with the site at the end of last year, and I didn't publish a November or December issue, so I thought I'd include a couple of winter cat care tips here.

I'd again like to extend another big thank you to everyone who has contributed your thoughts, pictures, videos, comments, recommendations, and stories to the site. It's greatly appreciated! The more we share, the more cat lovers we help.

Speaking of that, we've received our first entry for crafters and artisans making their own cat related products and gifts. A big thank you to Patty for her submission here at Catcalls

If someone you know makes cat related goodies, please let them know that they can list with us here (it's free exposure)... Cat themed gifts

And also tell your favorite rescue that they can list here... Cat rescue groups

In This Issue

1. Winter Cat Care Tips
2. Random Cat Facts
3. Cat Food Polls
4. Favorites

Winter Cat Care Tips

It's winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm sure you know that cats love warmth. This is especially true of older cats who may have poor circulation. Like humans, these cats may also be arthritic or have other aging pains. Unlike humans, they likely won't complain about it.

For your cat's comfort, especially senior cats (typically considered age 7 and up), if possible provide at least one sunlit area with a comfortable bed. Windows can be drafty though, and cats normally don't like to sleep where there is a draft. So, make sure any windows are well insulated and no cold air is coming in.

You may need to add insulation, get a draft guard of some kind, or block the spaces where cold air might get in. This has the added benefit, of course, of reducing the cost of warming your house.

For the bed, there are many kinds, sizes and shapes, and you can get heated beds, either the self-insulating type or the electric heated kind. I've listed some here... Cat beds

Cats may be less active in the winter, in many cases not venturing outside as much, or at all. It's important then to increase play sessions in order to give your cat more opportunities for exercise.

If your cat is less active in the winter and spending more time in that warm sleeping area you've set up, more grooming is also in order. Among other benefits, grooming your cat helps to tone muscles and stimulate circulation. The more circulation going to the skin, the healthier the skin will be. Skin problems in cats are common, so let's have more grooming for all!

Not So Random Cat Facts

Speaking of circulation, did you know that in cats with pointed coat patterns, such as the Siamese, Birman, and Radgolls, the coat may darken with age? The genetic trait that is responsible for the interesting color patterns in these cats, with darker color in the extremities (points), is a mutation in an enzyme that is heat sensitive.

The dark color in the fur is produced in the coolest areas of the body such as the ears, paws, face, and tail. Kittens are born white and the colorpoint pattern develops with age.

As a cat's circulation decreases with age, the fur darkens, sometimes all over including the torso. Pointed cats will also tend to be darker in colder climates and lighter in warmer climates.

The pointed coat pattern, also called colorpoint was originally found in the Siamese. It is sometimes referred to as the Siamese pattern, or the Himalayan pattern. Many breeds were either founded directly from cross breeding the Siamese, or include Siamese somewhere in the ancestral line. These include:


One thing that all cats of any breed or even random-bred street cats have in common is that if their coats are colorpoint, they have blue eyes.

Cat Food Polls

Please take our polls:

Best dry cat food poll

Best canned cat food poll

Here are some results so far:

Best Canned Cat Food Poll

2 I don't feed canned/wet food
1 Friskies Pouch or Canned
1 Royal Canin
1 Wellness Core
1 Weruva

Best Dry Cat Food Poll

6 I don't feed dry food
1 Authority
2 Avoderm
1 Blue Buffalo
1 Eukanuba
1 Friskies
4 Hill's or Science Diet
4 Iams
2 Meow Mix
3 Nutro Max Cat
1 Nutro Natural Choice
1 Orijen
5 Purina One
2 Purina Cat Chow
2 Royal Canin
3 Wellness Core
1 Whiskas
1 Wysong

Reader Suggestions:

Innova Evo
Kit 'n Kaboodle
Raw Diet
Purina One Select
Science Diet
Vets Choice Health Extension
Any Brand: Tuna in water


Some recent favorites...

Favorite cat videos:

Simon's Cat 'TV Dinner'

Mississippi Baby Squirrel Adopted By Mother Cat Learns How to Purr

Until next time, have a furry nice day!


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